Other Main Dish Recipes

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Chocolate Cheese Sandwich

By Bea L.
Calling all chocolate and cheese lovers. Yes, you read it right. I saw the Italian girl,...

Croque Madame Casserole Recipe

Croque Madame Casserole

By Tamara Minck
This recipe is from Paula Dean, but I have changed a few things, more like added!...

Classic Corn Dog Batter Recipe

Classic Corn Dog Batter

By Colleen Sowa
I got this recipe from the booklet in the machine, "The Original Carnival Treat Factory". ...

Just In Time For The Holidays: Biscuits Recipe

Just In Time For The Holidays: Biscuits

By Angie Walker
These biscuits are so simple and delicious. To see more go to: http://www.alilcountrysugar.blogspot.com