Created December 2015

Juliann Esquivel
By Juliann Esquivel @Juliann
Lovingly Compiled by
Juliann Esquivel [Juliann]
I dedicate this book to three very amazing and wonderful woman in my life. My first to my beloved grandmother, Mama, Maria Zaldivar, It was she who instilled in me my passion for cooking. It is to her that I owe all that I learned on authentic Mexican Cooking.

The second to my precious loving mom, Celia Rosa, a great and incredible cook herself . Thank you for passing down to me all that you learned from Mama, your own creations and recipes from friends.

The third to my wonderful Mima, my dear sweet mother-in-law, Yolanda Esquivel, for teaching me all that I know on authentic Cuban and Spanish Cuisine .
Three truly inspiring women. I love you all.

Thank you with all my heart.

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Juliann Esquivel - Dec 8, 2015
Thank you Phyllis that's very sweet of you. I too have not been on JAP as much a I would like to be. I am glad to hear you are back. You have a very blessed Christmas and New Year. Great to hear from you again. LOL Juliann
Phyllis Bowles - Dec 8, 2015
Guuuuuurl, Congratulations!

I have been out of the loop for awhile due to, well you know, LIFE.
At any rate, as soon as I come back, I see that one of my FAV chefs has a cookbook now.
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love cookbooks.
Ima buy the book after the holidays cuz finally, I will have a book made by someone whom I chose a long time ago. Once again, Congrats girl.

ps. but im finna download me a copy for my Holiday cooking.
Leanne D. - Dec 6, 2015
You're Welcome! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
I'll be looking forward to your next book!
Juliann Esquivel - Dec 6, 2015
Thank you all... Peg, Connie, Leah, Wiley, Leanne, Cat, Mindie, Karl, and Terri, I am so glad you all like my recipes. You are all such great cooks yourselves. I really enjoy hearing from you all. I plan on working on another cookbook sometime soon.

Blessings to all of you, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. LOL Juliann
Downloading right now! Yeah--I LOVE your recipes! (just finished the last of the Arroz Con Gandules tonight) TerriO
Karl Strasser - Dec 5, 2015
Hi Juliann Esquivel. Great cookbook, I don't know were to start. Thank you for sharing.
Mindie Campbell - Dec 4, 2015
Congratulations to my FAVORITE Chef!! I'm ordering my copy right now. You've been such an inspiration, starting with my first Cuban Pig!!! I can't wait to get my copy.
Good Luck Juliann!!!
Mindie Broccoli
Cat Ireland - Dec 3, 2015
I'm looking forward to using your recipes. Thank-you for sharing the love of your family through these family recipes.
Leanne D. - Dec 3, 2015
What a wonderful book,! This is my favorite food! Thank you for sharing your family recipes.
Wiley P - Dec 3, 2015
What a fantastic collection of recipes - Thank you so very much for posting the recipes and especially the book!
Leah Stacey - Dec 3, 2015
You are an amazing cook. What a wonderful book.
Connie Ottman - Dec 3, 2015
Juliann, ,y friend, you have outdone yourself. What a fabulous cookbook!
Such a wonderful gift to family and friends.
Thanks for posting this. Can't wait to dive into these recipes !
Juliann Esquivel - Dec 3, 2015
Thank you Peg I am so glad to share all of my families recipes with my JAP friends and members. I have always wanted to compile a collection of my Latino recipes and share them. I plan on doing another book in the near future. So many people now and in the past have asked me for authentic recipes. Well here is a chance to get them. I hope you enjoy the book on line or if you choose to order.

Good luck in the kitchen LOL =) Juliann
Family Favorites - Dec 3, 2015
What a wonderful collection, Juliann! I am so happy to have this. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful, family recipes with us! =) Peg