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Congratulations to our lucky pinchers!

Winner for Saturday, March 1
The Lucky Recipe:

Emerald Fluff

Winner for Sunday, March 2
The Lucky Recipe:

Fish and Chips

Winner for Monday, March 3

Winner for Tuesday, March 4
The Lucky Recipe:

Pistachio Cake

Winner for Wednesday, March 5
The Lucky Recipe:

Go Irish Brownies

Winner for Thursday, March 6

Winner for Friday, March 7

Winner for Saturday, March 8

Winner for Sunday, March 9

Winner for Monday, March 10
The Lucky Recipe:

Drunken Cabbage

Winner for Tuesday, March 11

Winner for Wednesday, March 12

Winner for Thursday, March 13
The Lucky Recipe:

Cabbage Patch Stew

Winner for Friday, March 14

Winner for Saturday, March 15

Winner for Sunday, March 16

Winner for Monday, March 17

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Marsha Ritenour - Apr 11, 2014
I am going to make these, but concerned about taking them out of the oven with the centers not being done.Are these safe to eat that way?
Rose Selvar - Mar 21, 2014
I agree with you Ellen Bales....Way too time consuming to view all those recipes every day in hopes that you would be the FIRST to pinch it! I gave up after the first day....I just don't have that much time. 3/21/14
SJ Stewart - Mar 16, 2014
Ellen Bales - Mar 9, 2014
It would be nice if some kind of alert was posted as soon as the "winner" found the green pinch button--so we could avoid wasting time. I for one don't have time to sit here and scroll these recipes for three hours straight. Too much work for too little gain.
Kathy W - Mar 8, 2014
Thank you JAP! Fun contest. Looking forward to going shopping!
Paula Todora - Mar 4, 2014
Congrats, Janice!
Paula Todora - Mar 3, 2014
Thanks, Cassie!
Cassie * - Mar 3, 2014
Thank you Paula!!...and yes, I saw many recipes I never saw a sweet contest...good luck...:)
Paula Todora - Mar 3, 2014
Congratulations, Cassie!!!! Love this little contest-it's fun, and I found a lot of new recipes to pinch in the meantime.
Cassie * - Mar 3, 2014
Thank you JAP...I'll be buying new sheet cake pans, no doubt...great contest!!:)
Paula Todora - Mar 3, 2014
congrats to the first 2 winning pinchers! This is fun!
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 2, 2014
CONGRATULATIONS Leann Abraham on being the first one to find the PINCH IT BUTTON. Great job.
Dorothy Brady - Mar 2, 2014
can't wait for tomorrow!
joyce davis - Mar 1, 2014
J MP - Mar 1, 2014
fun :_)