Dessert Recipes

3 Bags and 2 Cups Rocky Road Recipe

3 Bags and 2 Cups Rocky Road

Trish Tolleson
By Trish Tolleson

Be very careful this stuff is addictive. Everyone who eats it comes back for more,...

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3 Chocolate Fudge Recipe

3 Chocolate Fudge

lesley ribota
By lesley ribota

My Mom gave me this recipe years ago. Whenever I make it...everyone loves it. I's...

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3 Day Coconut Cake Recipe

3 Day Coconut Cake

Dana Lavelle
By Dana Lavelle

This cake takes three days to 'marinate', but is so delicious that it is worth waiting...

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3 in 1 Cookie Recipe

3 in 1 Cookie

Gwendle Barber
By Gwendle Barber

This a recipe that has three of your favorite cookies in one cookie. I entered...

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Lisa Stitzel
By Lisa Stitzel

DELICIOUS & EASY!!! I made this the other night and my husband and kids ate the...

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3 ingredient Cinnamon Cappuccino black-bean Brownies Recipe

3 ingredient Cinnamon Cappuccino black-bean Brownies

kim *
By kim *

Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em! These fat-free fudgy delites are high in fiber and...

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3 Ingredient Cobbler Recipe

3 Ingredient Cobbler

Mari Craddock
By Mari Craddock

My hairdresser who is also a very good friend of mine had a client come into...

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3 Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

3 Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream

Lolly St John
By Lolly St John

With Just 3 Ingredients, He Creates A Divine Dessert That Has My Mouth Watering. - The...

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3 Ingredient Cookies Recipe

3 Ingredient Cookies

Janis McRae
By Janis McRae

Very easy, very good peanut butter cookie recipe made from what you usually have on hand!

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