Dessert Recipes

3,2,1 Cake Recipe

3,2,1 Cake

By Katherine Short
These individual cakes are amazing and ready to eat in one minute! They are perfect for...

3-2-1 Cake Recipe

3-2-1 Cake

By pam byars
I've been seeing a lot of cake in a cup recipes. Have not tried any until...

3-2-1 Cake Recipe

3-2-1 cake

By connie deedrick
My hair dresser gave me this recipe this morning. She says it's good and so...

3-flavor Pound Cake Recipe

3-Flavor Pound Cake

By Jean Woody
I'm told over-and-over that this cake is the best. Folks ask me what I would charge...

3-layer Fruit Cocktail Cake Recipe

3-layer Fruit Cocktail Cake

By Marcia McCance
My niece, Stephanie, took some of the recipes out of my mother's recipe drawer, too, and...

3rd White Chocolate Raspberry Tart Recipe

3rd White Chocolate Raspberry Tart

By Penny Hall will need to use conversion chart

4 And A Half Cup Ambrosia Recipe


By Chris T.
The original recipe is called "5 cup Ambrosia" but I feel the full cup of sweetened...