Flatbread Recipes

Accent Recipe


Bobbi Gulla
By Bobbi Gulla

I use this on everything!!! I mean evrything, meat, chick, fish, vegetables, fruits. My Grandmon used...

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Aebelskiver (Ebleskiver, Aebleskiver) Recipe

Aebelskiver (Ebleskiver, Aebleskiver) Recipe

Susan Feliciano
By Susan Feliciano

I bought an Aebelskiver pan after seeing a discussion on JAP about cooking pancakes in such...

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All Purpose vs. Self Rising flour Recipe

All Purpose vs. Self Rising flour

Bobbie Weiner
By Bobbie Weiner

I use this sight to help with flour equivalents and to help myself better understand what...

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ALL-BRAN WAFFLES SUPREME w/homemade jam Recipe


Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus

These delicious All-Bran Waffles are a healthy alternative to ALL-BRAN muffins. I started making them in...

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Aloo Paratha (potato stuffed tortilla) Recipe

Aloo Paratha (potato stuffed tortilla)

Ruma Chak
By Ruma Chak

Parathas are a staple breakfast for North Indians. They cannot do without that. It can be...

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