Meat Appetizer Recipes

Armadillo Eggs Recipe

Armadillo Eggs

Vicki Butts (lazyme)
By Vicki Butts (lazyme)

I haven't had these since I lived in Texas years ago. From

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Boulettes Recipe


Beth Renzetti
By Beth Renzetti

AKA meatballs in white sauce. This is an old recipe, a variation of which was made...

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Buffalo Joes Recipe

Buffalo Joes

Patti Jones
By Patti Jones

I have done this many times. I have set aside some of the cooked chicken and...

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Country Ham Dip Recipe

Country Ham Dip

Zinnia Martinez
By Zinnia Martinez

This is great for parties... and for using up some of the odds-and-ends left over from...

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Beef Cheese Ball Recipe

Beef Cheese Ball

ginger nix
By ginger nix

If the look of a cheeseball wrapped in beef is not appealing, try chopped pecans or...

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Cantonese Meatballs Recipe

Cantonese Meatballs

Jennifer H
By Jennifer H

My family love meatballs. I am always asked to make these for gatherings. They are sweet...

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