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World Food Champs Recipes

Each of these delicious winning recipes earned its creator an exclusive invitation from Just A Pinch to compete in the 2012 World Food Championships in Las Vegas!

Jars of Southern Peach, Vidalia Onion, and Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Southern Peach, Vidalia Onion, And Bourbon Bbq Sauce

Penelope Malcolm avatar
By Penelope Malcolm
I've always loved BBQ sauces, so I made one for my family and friends representing ...
(12 ratings)
A plate of Down Home Pimento Cheese Sliders.

Down Home Pimento Cheese Sliders

Donna Bardocz avatar
By Donna Bardocz
My mother said that every Southern "born and raised" person knows how tasty a soft ...
(3 ratings)
Buffalo Wing Garlic Toasted Hoagies on a plate.

Buffalo Wing Garlic Toasted Hoagies

Kelly Williams avatar
By Kelly Williams
The first time I ever had Buffalo wings I just about flipped!! What an awesome ...
(5 ratings)
Assembled Sticky Chicken Naan Sandwich.

Sticky Chicken Naan Sandwich

Lori McLain avatar
By Lori McLain
I was inspired to make a sandwich out of some great chicken thighs I got ...
(8 ratings)
Cobb Potato Salad ready to serve.

Cobb Potato Salad

Linda BONWILL avatar
I have been making potato salad for years. The dressing has always been the same... ...
(16 ratings)


Susan Magness avatar
By Susan Magness
This makes a wonderful, tender moist rib that even when you are full, you come ...
(4 ratings)
Grits & Greens Casserole ready to be served.

Grits And Greens Casserole

Debbie W avatar
By Debbie W
This dish will convert a proclaimed grits hater into a grits lover. This creamy cheesy ...
(27 ratings)
In this photo I added some cream cheese to the cauliflower, but it is not necessary.

Broccoli And Roasted Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Linda BONWILL avatar
This is my $10,000 winning soup recipe that got me to the final table at ...
(1 rating)
Asian Grilled Chicken and Veggie street sandwich.

My Wei Chicken Sandwich

Lori McLain avatar
By Lori McLain
This Asian Street sandwich was created at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. ...
(1 rating)

Smokin' Baby Got Back Ribs!

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
"PORK" enough said! Enjoy these tasty ribs with some potato salad, bbq baked beans, coleslaw, ...
(32 ratings)

Thai Smile Burger

Leah Stacey avatar
By Leah Stacey
I just LOVE Thai food so I wanted to create a burger that had that ...
(4 ratings)
Cherry Sesame Noodles with Lemon-Hoisin Sauce and Roasted Broccoli is always a family favorite with raving reviews!

Cherry Sesame Noodles With Lemon-hoisin Sauce

Merry Graham avatar
By Merry Graham
I hope you try Cherry Sesame Noodles with Lemon-Hoisin Sauce and Roasted Broccoli! I bet ...
(21 ratings)

Spanish Beans

Marsha Gardner avatar
By Marsha Gardner
This is a wonderful casserole to take to large gatherings. When my son was ...
(2 ratings)
WFC Presentation Platter

Brie, Pear And Apricot Sammie With Sweet Thai Dipping Sauce

Jane Whittaker avatar
By Jane Whittaker
This is a nice combo. Pears and Brie have been paired up for a long ...
(7 ratings)
Bacon Brie Burgers with Caesar on Brioche.

Bacon Brie Burgers With Caesar On Brioche

Jamie Brown-Miller avatar
By Jamie Brown-Miller
Imagine the perfect meal: wine and garlic marinated beef with Caesar salad and buttery ...
(7 ratings)

Smoked Brisket

Jason Summers avatar
By Jason Summers
I have always enjoyed cooking but until 2010, I was never able to challenge myself. ...
(5 ratings)
Panko Coated Falafel and Greek Salad Pita on a plate.

Panko Coated Falafel And Greek Salad Pitas

Linda Dalton avatar
By Linda Dalton
I think the best way to enjoy falafels is in a pita with a Greek ...
(5 ratings)
Cornbread Puddle Cake with Gingersnap Gravy!! YUM!

Cornbread Puddle Cakes W/ Savory Gingersnap Gravy

Jackie Mento avatar
By Jackie Mento
I LOVE cornbread, the kind that is sweet and moist. I wanted to create ...
(6 ratings)

Spicy Chi Chi Ribs

Greg Appel avatar
By Greg Appel
One weekend my wife wanted me to try and make her a frozen drink she ...
(3 ratings)

Spicy Southwestern Black Bean Chili W/lime Scented Sour Cream

Debbie Reid avatar
By Debbie Reid
I tend to use long titles for my recipes! The full name of this ...
(11 ratings)

(h)eat It Up Chili

Melissa Baldan avatar
By Melissa Baldan
Summer time and Chili Dogs...What more can I say? This chili is a 1st Place ...
(6 ratings)

Tinga Hamburguesas With Cotija-lime Slaw

Veronica Callaghan avatar
By Veronica Callaghan
This delicious burger was inspired by Mexican Tinga, a shredded meat dish that is often ...
(3 ratings)

Spicy Salmon Sandwich With Ginger-peperoncini Aioli

Carmell Childs avatar
By Carmell Childs
This recipe is the first Fish sandwich that I have ever created. Let me just ...
(4 ratings)

Sweet Potato Tart With Chili Lime Cilantro Sauce

Jackie Mento avatar
By Jackie Mento
Different baking pans result in different textures from the same recipe! I love the ...
(1 rating)