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Miso-ginger Glazed Salmon

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By Vickie Parks
This is one of my favorite ways to prepare salmon. The miso gives it ...
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Ginger Miso Paste

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By Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz
Miso paste is used extensively in Japanese cooking. This one if flavored with fresh ...
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Miso Poached Tilapia With Udon Noodles

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By Kathy D
An easy Japanese meal, for lunch or dinner. From Sandra Lee.
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Miso-Marinated Flank Steak with Sesame Spinach

Miso-marinated Flank Steak

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By Vickie Parks
I've seen similar recipes on several websites, and they're all quite similar. It makes ...
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Poached Cod Fish In An Miso Spinach Broth

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By Kathy Williams
I came up with this recipe because I had bought a package of already cooked ...
So yummy

Asian Oven-roasted “red” Pork Tenderloin

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By Andy Anderson !
This is the about the third Asian-inspired pork dish that I’ve posted… One thing about ...
Super tasty side dish!

Cabbage With Miso-balsamico-honey Dressing

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By Marion Wilting
I made this with savoy cabbage, but you can use just any cabbage.
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Dairy Free Oat Milk (easy)

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By S M
This recipe is so easy and if you are sensitive to dairy or lactose intolerant ...
Miso soup with pureed tomato, carrot and milk. There are some toppings for the soup! Crispy bacon and boiled eggs. Yummy!

Tomato Carrot Miso Milk Soup

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By Hidemi Walsh
Miso soup is one of Japanese food that people eat almost every day. But here ...
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Sinigang Na Tilapia Sa Miso Soup

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By Dave Smith
For Filipino’s and for most people who were able to try Sinigang na Tilapia sa ...
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Japanese Sweet Potato Salad stacked with a Tropical Date mix and topped with hard boiled egg.

Japanese Sweet Potato & Tropical Date Salad Stack

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By Sandi Sheppard
My love of Asian flavors inspired me to create a whole new twist on potato ...
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Creamy Tahini Miso Lemon Dressing

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By Jo Zimny
If you are a fan of creamy, garlicky, lemony dressings then this one is sure ...
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Basicly Simple Miso Soup

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By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
I make this soup every time I have to have dental work done. Its fulling ...
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My Sick Day Miso Soup W/ Tofu

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By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
I love to make this soup when am sick or I have to have a ...
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Soy Patties

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By M C
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Home Made Miso Soup

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By Jo Zimny
Miso soup has got to be one of the easiest soups to make. It ...
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