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A slice of Milk & Sugar Pie with whipped cream.

Milk & Sugar Pie

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By Gloria Monroe
This recipe is at least 65 years old, according to my mom. She remembers her ...
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Crumb of the cinnamon roll cake.

Cinnamon Roll Cake

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By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
I made this cinnamon roll cake on Easter for my grandchildren and they loved it, ...
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Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

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By Sheila Nakata
Ideal comfort food for our family. The wine reduction adds a depth that accents the ...

Apple Coffee Cake

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By Sheila Nakata
We have apple trees and I am always looking for ways to incorporate them into ...

Old Fashion Blueberry Coffee Cake

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By Joanne Hendriksen
I didn't have a muffin pan so searched for an alternate way of enjoying fresh ...
From Instagram: Southern Comfort Coconut Kickback, Iris

Southern Comfort Almond Joy Kicker

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By Iris Mccall
On the weekend Southern Comfort is the best, using it with international delight almond joy ...
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Soft yummy goodness.  These are never fail me, they turn out every time.  It's makes 2 dozen big cinnamon rolls.  If you want to freeze these don't ice them until you take them out of the freezer

Cinnamon Rolls

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By Cinna Bun
This is my signature recipe, I receive request for these rolls at every holiday and ...
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Peanut Butter/cool Whip Treat

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By Crystal Wilkinson
Another great recipe from FB!
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Moist yummy vegan cinnamon bread with pears recipe makes two loaves.

Vegan Cinnamon Pear Bread Amish

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By Val Rollheiser
I made this for my family and my 17 year old daughter and my 53 ...
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Smooth, creamy, buttery rich pie with just a little tang. It actually resembles the filling in pecan pie.

Lola's Southern Buttermilk Pie

Barbara Miller avatar
By Barbara Miller
My uncle's neighbor Lola, in North Carolina, made this pie all the time. Lola told ...
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Banana Squares

Karen Logan avatar
By Karen Logan
This is an old recipe I found the other day. These are best after ...
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My Potato Salad

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By Tammy T
I know there are a million potato salads out there and I know they are ...
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Mmmmmmmm!texas Beef Skillet

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By Tammy T
Next to the Skillet Lasagna, this is the other dish that runs a close second ...
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Chocolate Silk Pie

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By Chi Stevens
I've made ALOT of pies in my time, but this is BY FAR THE BESSSSTTT ...
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These are filled with love passed down through generations of people that care for one another...

My Grandma's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe..

Marty Olguin avatar
By Marty Olguin
This makes me want to give my kids hugs in the kitchen..I remember when my ...
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Clams, Pancetta & Asparagus Bowl

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By Sherri Williams
Clams simply at it's best! You will not be able to stop eating these. ...
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My Mississippi Boy's Deep Fried Chicken Gizzards

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By Sherri Williams
We southern girls & guys just love us some fried chicken gizzards. My ...
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Devil's Food Quick'n Easy - Super Moist - Aunt Virginia Used To Make

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By Linda McCormick
As a child my favorite Aunt Virginia was known for this fudge-like rich and moist ...
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So Wrong!

So Wrong 4 That Deep Fried Bread & Butter Crabs

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
These crabs are so wrong on every level imaginable! Caution: Very addictive and exremely dangeous ...
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Bacon Jam Spread

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By Nellie Rickey
I promise you that this is not as odd as you might think... and once ...
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