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Rolo® Pretzel Delights

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By Kat Keen
Allergen Alert:This recipe contains nut meats.
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Candied Pecans

Cinnamon And Vanilla Candied Pecans

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By Pat Morris
I have made these so many times, I could almost make them in my sleep. ...
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Laura'a Swedish Kringler

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By Laura Spencer-Whitacre
i have been making this for over 30 years, but this year I used Bonnie ...
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write your recipe on packaging and then decorate .

Cute Holiday Party Favor/gift Brownie/cookie Rolls

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By Mary Lee
These make adorable party favors for any occasion. Give these adorable decorated rolls to neighbors, ...
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Easy Delicious Salted Caramels

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By Kelly Williams
Who would've ever thought that caramels could be so easy to make? This recipe has ...
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Pie(s) In A Jar  posted by COOKN'
Creator and Author - Sharon Ng

Pie(s) In A Jar

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By Susan Cutler
I totally had to post this for you all. I just received this recipe from ...
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Pecan Pie Muffins

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By Jeanne Benavidez
I know this recipe has been around for a long time and I don't even ...
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My sons hand in salt dough. Memories..... I love my sweet boy!

Salt Dough Ornaments

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By Marie Baker
For this recipe and more visit Have a Question give me a call, leave a ...
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This candy is so good and great for the upcoming holiday season.

Saltine Cracker Candy

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By Sheila Wilson
This yummy recipe is all over the internet. I found this recipe originally from mommyskitchen ...
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Hot Chocolate Spoons

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By Dboz Lyfe
With Christmas just around the corner, the kids and I have been practicing how to ...
(2 ratings)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Mary Armstrong avatar
By Mary Armstrong
I can't make these fast enough! I try to keep a batch ahead in ...
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Salted Nut Bars

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By Laura Spencer-Whitacre
I had these at my daughters one christmas and asked for the recipe. we love ...
(2 ratings)

Cranberry Orange Jam With Crystallized Ginger

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By Kim Biegacki
I am so excited to make my first "cooked" jam! Woohoo, I did it...I ...
(5 ratings)

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies In A Jar

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By Susan Reed
Great gift to give at Christmas :0)
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decadent chocolate cookies

Decadent Chocolate Cookies

Diane M. avatar
By Diane M.
Ok... So, sometimes a person just needs chocolate. When that happens, I go to this, ...
(2 ratings)
One big cookie!

Buffalo Chip Cookies

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By Shelia Senghas
They say, "Everything's Bigger In Texas." These awesome giant cookies ring true. They will ...
(7 ratings)

Raspberry Almond Crescent Cookies With Coconut

Kelly Williams avatar
By Kelly Williams
I came up with this recipe years ago, and am proud to say they were ...
(1 rating)

Fruit Basket Cake

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By Darla Hill
I made this cake last week for a church who was having a Womans appreciation ...
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Delicious and gooey!

Delicious Five Layer Bar Mix

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By Miranda Roderick
Great to make at home or give away as gifts to friends and family.
(2 ratings)

Divinity, The Easy Way

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By Jeanne Benavidez
I got this recipe from my sister 25+ years ago. At holiday time, we would ...
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Vintage Keys For Weddings

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By Penny Hall
DIY vintage keys
(1 rating)

Smores In A Jar

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By Penny Hall
everyone loves smores
(2 ratings)

Taco Crackers

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By Jamie Wyatt
Hope you'll join my Just a Pinch group: Family Food Traditions--Sharing JOY on the Journey! I ...
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Awesome Hot Cocoa

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By Donna Thiemann
I have made this recipe for Christmas gifts many times and I hear back that ...
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