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A bowl of Chocolate Fondue.

Chocolate Fondue

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By Sonnie Otto
Suggested foods for dipping: strawberries, pineapple chunks, banana chunks, cake cubes, marshmallows and cookies.
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Dipping strawberry into Easy Chocolate Fondue.

Easy Chocolate Fondue

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By Pamela Ali
I made up this fondue recipe one day when I was making a fruit tray ...
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Mild Cheese Fondue

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By Barbara Kavorkian
A nice mild cheese for those not into getting into the unknown (stronger) cheeses that ...
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Warm Creamy Chocolate Sauce For Fruit Or Ice Cream

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By Family Favorites
Also known as %$#@ Delicious Mississippi Mud Sauce in my home. lol This is an ...
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Cheese Fondue (Fondue Neuchateloise)
Photo by Palatable Pastime (Sue Lau)

Cheese Fondue (fondue Neuchateloise)

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By Sue Stone
Recipe posted for Culinary Quest - Switzerland
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Warm Honey Brie

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By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This Brie paired well with fruit slices and wine. It was creamy and rich when ...
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Caramel Sauce On Everything, Please! (easy)

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By Family Favorites
As you can see by my recipe title, I love this sauce on EVERYTHING... apples, ...
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Dulce De Leche Fondue Only 2 Ingredients!

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By Family Favorites
Impress your guests with only 2 ingredients, plus "dippers" of your choice. So good and ...
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Authentic Swiss Fondue

Authentic Swiss Fondue

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By Susan Bickta
I did extensive traveling in Europe during my adventurous youthful years (1970's and 80's). ...
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Drema's "orange Dessert" Fondue

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By Drema Bryant
Ooohhhh boy is this good! Great for get togethers and around dessert time. You can ...
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Peanut Butter And Butterscotch Fondue

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By Barbara Kavorkian
Every year during New Years, you can see me at home of with a few ...
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Beef Tenderloin Fondue

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By Kelly Williams
This was always a very special treat when I was a kid! My mom and ...
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Quick And Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue

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By Chris T.
This fondue is so easy and it tastes simply wonderful. Don't forget this recipe for ...
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Ultimate Amish Swiss Fondue

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By Angie Robinson
I had this in Amish country Ohio, at the Chalet in the Valley. Its simply ...
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My son, neices and nephews enjoy this when I make it. Another good way for them to obtain their veggies.

Tyke Fondue

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By Melanie Ross
Make dinner dippable! Whip up this healthy cheese fondue and let the family dunk in ...
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Cheddar Harvest Fondue

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By Jennifer J
we all love cheese. My family loves this fondue. I am always asked to ...
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