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A slice of Milk & Sugar Pie with whipped cream.

Milk & Sugar Pie

Gloria Monroe avatar
By Gloria Monroe
This recipe is at least 65 years old, according to my mom. She remembers her ...
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Wacky Cake.

Wacky Cake

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By Lee Thayer
This recipe is from a friend's website, Brown Eyed Baker, and uses no eggs, butter, ...
Baked lemon cake on a kitchen worktop

Eggless Lemon Cake

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By Kiran Mathew
This recipe makes an unbelievably delicious eggless lemon cake. It is one of my family’s ...
Ev's Eggless Potato Salad.

Ev's Eggless Potato Salad

Patt Lisenbee avatar
By Patt Lisenbee
I became allergic to eggs at a young age and my parents never tried to ...
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Lovely Blueberry sweet that is egg free, buttery with just enough sweet to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Definite layers with a crunchy bottom, soft and sweet middle and crunchy topping.

Blueberry Streusel Bars

Jennifer S avatar
By Jennifer S
My 1 year old grand daughter is allergic to eggs so I wanted to make ...
Best served hot and with cream and or ice cream

Betty's Self Saucing Black Forest Pudding

Betty Bramanis avatar
By Betty Bramanis
A rich chocolate and cherry dessert inspired by my favourite German cake. Filled with ...
Strawberry Banana Walnut Butter Pancakes With Brown Sugar (Vegan/ Vegetarian)

Strawberry Banana Walnut Butter Pancakes

Laurel G. avatar
By Laurel G.
These super yummy pancakes remind me of carnivals and summertime! The fresh strawberries, walnuts, ...
Scoop of set yogurt ready to go on my cereal

Vietnamese Style Homemade Yogurt

Karen Vandevander avatar
By Karen Vandevander
This recipe is my take on homemade Vietnamese Yogurt. I don't dilute my milk ...
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Strawberry Cheesecake Pie

Diane C. avatar
By Diane C.
I wanted to make a no-bake, no-egg cheesecake. I didn't have whipped topping. so I ...
Christmas Cookie: Vegan Peanut Butter Blossoms

Vegan Peanut Butter Blossoms

Maiah Miller avatar
By Maiah Miller
I wanted to create a melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookie that almost anyone can enjoy, and ...
From Instagram:

Strawberry Banana Bread- Egg Free

Lisa Foote avatar
By Lisa Foote
This is a great recipe for using fresh strawberries. My batter looks darker in the ...
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Add your favorite fruit or syrup!

Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

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By Theresa Excell
We looooove this recipe! Usually I double it so I can freeze some for later
Banana snack cake dusted with powder sugar and cut into 9 pieces

Banana Snack Cake

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By Chrissy Hackley
This was given to me by a home care nurse. Everyone I have served it ...
Chocolate Coconut Caramel Compost Cake

Lively Compost Cake

Mrs. Michael J. Lively avatar
By Mrs. Michael J. Lively
my Dear Husband dubbed this 10 day German Friendship cake, the “compost cake” This was ...
little bowl of left overs fresh from the toaster oven, reheats really well

Allergy Friendly Scalloped Potatoes And Ham

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By Chelsea Hill
A comfort food in my home, We love potatoes!
Moist and chocolatey!

Wowee Fudge Cake

Cynthia Weaver avatar
By Cynthia Weaver
Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, baking chocolate - what could be bad about that?
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Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Gluten-free Pizza Crust

Liz Shaw avatar
By Liz Shaw
Pizza is the perfect food. I will do just about anything for pizza. Or I ...
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Egg-free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lillian Patterson avatar
By Lillian Patterson
My cousin has a little boy who is allergic to eggs, but he loves cookies, ...
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By Annie Wazny
My son can eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! These are perfect to make ...
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Scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookies (that Happen To Be Egg-free)

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By Annie Wazny
My little man has severe food allergies. Finding desserts and food that he can eat ...
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