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Mashed Potato Doughnuts on a plate.

Mashed Potato Doughnuts

Heather Isom avatar
By Heather Isom
This recipe is great if you have leftover mashed potatoes. It seems odd, but it ...
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Liisa's instant doughnuts

Liisa's Instant Doughnuts

Annastiina Salonen avatar
By Annastiina Salonen
My grandmother Liisa used to serve the lovely soft instant munkkis (doughnuts or fritters) on ...
A platter of Pumpkin Spice Doughnut Muffins.

Pumpkin Spice Doughnut Muffins

Miranda Roderick avatar
By Miranda Roderick
If you like pumpkin pie and cinnamon and sugar doughnuts... this is all that rolled ...
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Pure Bliss Autumn Doughnuts dipped in sugar.

Pure Bliss Autumn Doughnuts

Nadine Mesch avatar
By Nadine Mesch
As soon as the leaves begin to fall, my kids are all requesting these wonderful ...
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A bite taken out of a White Chocolate and Raspberry Baked Doughnut.

White Chocolate And Raspberry Baked Doughnuts

Barbara Kavorkian avatar
By Barbara Kavorkian
I know... BAKED doughnuts??? Well, I miss terribly my Sunday morning filled jelly doughnuts. ...
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A rack of Pumpkin Mini Doughnuts.

Pumpkin Mini-doughnuts

Sue Lally avatar
By Sue Lally
These baked doughnuts are full of autumn goodness. They are very quick and easy to ...
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Banana's Foster Custard Doughnut Pudding

Pat Duran avatar
By Pat Duran
I bought some Krispy Creme doughnuts at the grocery store and there were 3 ...
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Doughnut And Bacon Eggnog Bread Pudding

Geoffry Le Cher avatar
By Geoffry Le Cher
‘Tis the season to go all out…’, so how about starting the festive Holiday Season ...
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Easy Halloween Nasty Monster Donut

Easy Halloween Nasty Monster Donut

Jane Kaylie avatar
By Jane Kaylie
If you are looking for a quick and easy yet nasty delicious treat this Halloween, ...

Cheating Phat Tuesdays Malasadas

Vanessa Marie Milare avatar
By Vanessa Marie Milare
Every year when I was a little younger I use to make home made Malasadas ...

Jelly Doughnut Muffins

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
These are delicious and seriously addictive!
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Deep dark chocolate

Valerie's Guinness Doughnuts

Valerie Kennon avatar
By Valerie Kennon
I'm not a fan of super sweet desserts....but oh how I love extra dark chocolate...I ...
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Tangle Britches

Linda Kauppinen avatar
By Linda Kauppinen
Fried dough very similar to a funnel cake! MMmmmm Mmmmmm
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You can make colorful and delicate donuts at home according to the recipe.

Delicate Donuts

Linda Azeus avatar
By Linda Azeus
If you love donuts and want to make them.Just following the recipe below.
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Braided Cinnamon Sugar Bread

A Q avatar
By A Q
I wanted to make a bread that would be both delicious and visually appealing to ...
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Serious Eats - Easy Homemade Doughnuts

Karen Vandevander avatar
By Karen Vandevander
This recipe (and pictures) is from the Serious Eats website... I've been making these for years ...
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Baked Cake Donuts With Chocolate Glaze

Kelli Thomas avatar
By Kelli Thomas
My kids (ages 3 and 4) have so much fun being in charge of the ...
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Beignet Recipe From Café Du Monde

Susan Feliciano avatar
By Susan Feliciano
* I can't remember where I first ran across this recipe, but it purports ...
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Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts

Melanie Ross avatar
By Melanie Ross
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are a big hit with my family but, there are none here ...
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A dozen homemade glazed doughnuts

Mom's Raised Doughnuts

Peggi Anne Tebben avatar
By Peggi Anne Tebben
My mom was the best baker I have ever known, along with Great Aunt Jane. ...
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