Pasta Salad Recipes

Picture perfect, party ready pasta salad recipes for every occasion!

Summertime Macaroni Salad

This macaroni salad is a little bit different from the rest. I got this from ...

PEMA means Great: This dish is delicious and flavorful in each bite. Great anytime of the year, especially for large crowds.

P. E. M. A. Anti-Pasta Salad

This is my best Pema and I would like to share with all of you, ...

Jan's Macaroni Salad ready to serve.

Jan's Macaroni Salad

This is my Mom's recipe that I have tweaked. Everyone really likes it. I get ...

Garden Pasta Salad ready to be served.

Garden Pasta Salad

Just another one of my concoctions. I came up with this salad when looking in ...

Shrimp Pasta Salad - Waco Style garnished with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes.

Shrimp Pasta Salad - Waco Style

This is my spin on my Mom's famous shrimp salad - adapted for my DH's ...

A bowl of Southern Antipasto Salad.

Southern Antipasto Salad

This is the way my Mom taught us to cook. Start out with a great ...

Susan's Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta Salad in a serving bowl.

Susan's Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta Salad

My family loves this yummy salad. It's similar to La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta ...

Millie's Holy Guacamole Pasta Salad ready to be served.

Millie's Holy Guacamole Pasta Salad

I do a lot of cooking for the hospitality team at my church and I ...

BTP Pasta Salad in a serving bowl.

BTP Pasta Salad

I just love pasta. My favorite form is a cold pasta salad. This recipe has ...

A bowl of Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

As everyone has a different taste, you can change this up and use blue cheese ...

A bowl of Greek Pasta Salad.

Greek Pasta Salad

So quick and easy to make. Can use as a main dish if you add ...

Perfect on its own or with a BBQ or pot luck

Betty's colourful ranch and chicken pasta salad

Creamy, tangy, filled with veggies and loaded with flavour - this is my go to ...

Lemongrass Vermicelli Salad

Great salad so fresh for summer. You can use any ingredients you want for the ...

This easy spaghetti pasta salad is made with fresh garden veggies and homemade dressing.  It is prefect for  potlucks, family reunions, pool parties and neighborhood shindigs.

Spaghetti Salad

This Spaghetti Salad makes a delicious quick and easy light summer meal or side for ...

Simple, delicious and satisfying! A real crowd pleaser

Sheila's Chicken Salad

This recipe is a favorite. I am asked to bring it to every gathering. It ...

Deli-Style Pasta Salad with a serving spoon.

Deli-Style Pasta Salad

The flavors blend wonderfully when it is chilled overnight and keeps well for several days. ...

A quick and easy pasta salad with albacore tuna, sweet peas, crisp celery and red onion in creamy mayo with dill pickle relish.

Tuna Pasta Salad

A quick and easy pasta salad with albacore tuna, sweet peas, crisp celery and red ...

A big bowl of Grandma Wells' Tuna Macaroni Salad.

Grandma Wells' Tuna Macaroni Salad

For decades I called this my birthday salad. Every year for as long as I ...

A small bowl of Hawaiian Macaroni Salad.

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

This recipe comes close to a macaroni salad that is served at a Hawaiian restaurant ...

A large bowl of Orzo and Spinach Salad.

Orzo and Spinach Salad

Want something a little different in a summer salad? Well, here it is. This salad ...

A large bowl of Bruschetta Pasta Salad.

Bruschetta Pasta Salad

The flavors of bruschetta in a salad. Great for picnics or potlucks.

Gluten-Free Pasta Salad for your next cookout.

Gluten-Free Pasta Salad

I have some frends on special diets and everyone loves this salad.