Latin American Recipes

Ceviche Salad Recipe

Ceviche Salad

By Stephanie Mabry
I had this dish several years ago at a restaurant that we visited on our way...
Mex Tex Chicken Recipe


This was given to me by a friend. Very good!you can add peppers and onions to
The Salsa That Made Me A Chef Recipe

The Salsa That Made Me A Chef

By Thomas Bohne
This is an extremely clean and fresh tasting salsa. I have a few tricks that really...
Amanda's Brazilian Lemonade Recipe

Amanda's Brazilian Lemonade

By Amanda G
My husband fell in love with the lemonade at a Brazilian restaurant & I set out...
Caramel-coconut Bonbons Recipe

Caramel-Coconut Bonbons

By Brinn Bullough
This is a dessert I came to love while living in Argentina. These delicious no-bake cookies...
Rice Twice Pilaf Recipe


This rice pilaf is great to take to a pot luck dinner. or when you have...
Grilled Mojo Chicken Recipe


By Greg Appel
Talk about "quick and easy" "fresh and healthy", you can have this ready in the time it...
Ceviche Recipe


By Colette Bowling
Delicious appetizer that is refreshing on hot days.
Argentine Chicken Recipe

Argentine Chicken

By ali Bresnahan
This is so pretty. Yummy too.
Aliño Preparado/ Seasoning Or Rub Recipe

Aliño Preparado/ Seasoning or Rub

By Colette Bowling
I first started using this in Venezuela and when we moved back to the U.S. I...
Latin American Pork Stew Recipe

Latin American Pork Stew

By Colette Bowling
I found this recipe in a One Dish Meal Recipe Book. I did not have a...
Turkish Eggplant Salad Recipe

Turkish Eggplant Salad

By Zelda Hopkins
I am always on the search for something different and this salad will make a real...
Pork Rub Recipe

Pork Rub

By Zelda Hopkins
I got this from Bobby Flay's or Paula Deen's cooking show. I don't exactly remember which...
Peruvian Chicken Recipe

Peruvian Chicken

By ali Bresnahan
this is a FABULOUS recipe, as beautiful as it is delicious! house smells fantastic.
Old Fashion Brazilain Style Flan Recipe

Old Fashion Brazilain Style Flan

By Anna French
This recipe is found in my cookbook "A Pinch, A Dash and A Pocketful Of Cash"...
Smashed Plantains W/olive Oil & Garlic (fufu) Recipe

Smashed Plantains W/Olive Oil & Garlic (Fufu)

By Monika Rosales
This is a flavorful side dish to accompany any meat or pork. Its another favorite here...
Sofrito Recipe


By Sandy Mika
This was my mother in laws recipe, and I put this stuff in just about everything,...
Puerto Rican  Rice (arroz Con Gandules) Recipe

Puerto Rican rice (arroz con gandules)

By Sandy Mika
I make rice for almost every family get together, if I don't have it , they're...
Puerto Rican Flan Recipe

Puerto Rican Flan

By Marissa Greathouse-Caraballo
My hubbie makes this treat for me at least once a week. I love it...and you...
Churros Pannycakes Recipe

Churros Pannycakes

By Marissa Greathouse-Caraballo
I tried this and the children call them pannycakes and they are so good.
Salmon & Avocado Egg Salad (super Healthy!) Recipe

Salmon & Avocado Egg Salad (SUPER HEALTHY!)

By Ashley Burnam
This is a kicked up version of regular egg salad. The avocado is used as the...