For Kids American Smoothie Recipes

Double Berry Delight

By Grace Pulley
This creamy delight is easy to makes and is packed with flavor. It makes a...


By Eddie Jordan
This is a great way to cool off after a hot day's work, and mighty taste...

Fireman Bob's Basil Smoothie

By Bob Cooney
My Sister gave me some fresh Basil right out of her garden today... Came home and thought,...

Fireman Bob's Wild and Crazy Smoothie my way...

By Bob Cooney
When the temperature goes triple digits.... You will LOVE this smoothie.... ENJOY !!!! Sincerely, The Crazy...


By Eddie Jordan
Eat your vegetables and put all your fruit in this Smoothie. Any meal would be great...

Fruitty Yogurtie Smoothie

By Marcia Paholski
While visiting our son in California my husband fell in love with smoothies. I decided...


By Eddie Jordan
This smoothie is so good. Once you try it you will want again and again. Recipe...

Green Melon Smoothie

By Susan Feliciano
I found this recipe in a Kroger Savings flyer. Since I love honeydew, and they gave...

Healthy Smoothie

By Patsy Fowler
this is another healthy smoothie that is good for you and the kids love it too

Homemade Freckled Lemonade Slushee

By Amanda A. Becker
Made this for four kids I was babysitting. They LOVED it! Super fun and easy to...

Homemade Lemonade Concentrate

By Maureen Martin
I am always on the lookout for make-your-own mix or condiment recipes, so when I saw...

Honey Cran-Cranberry Topping

By Shelia Senghas
The holidays are a great time to find cranberries in abundance and with the addition of...

Hot Pink Smoothie

By Gina Hallam
This smoothie is a great way to get your red veggies hidden in a smoothie as...

Jeanne's Very Berry Smoothie

By Jeanne Gliddon
I love smoothies and when I make them, I tend to put all things fruity that...

Josie's Chocolate-Swirl Banana Split Shake

By Megan Todd
One of my kids' favorite snack is a homemade milkshake or smoothie. It's something I have...

Low Fat Eggnog

By Nor Mac
I decided to make a half the fat egg nogg.i found this in a sugar substitute...

Luscious Cocoa Smoothies

By Zelda Hopkins
I have noticed several drinks on this site but since I like chocolate so much this...

Mango Fog Lifter

By Pam Ellingson
Another use for my Cranberry Shrub. Yummy for a wake up call in the morning.

Mango Passion Smoothie

By Cathy Smith
This is my youngest grandson's favorite smoothie. My grandkids think I make the best smoothie in...

Mango Smoothie

By Beth Pierce
Mango Smoothie is always a huge hit with the kids. This delectable recipe comes together...


By sallye bates
Another healthy smoothie to enjoy with or for your breakfast....or anytime of the day.

Mary Berry Smoothie

By M L
This is my go-to breakfast. I like using blueberries and strawberries, but any combination of...


By Eddie Jordan
When you want a breakfast that is filling and good for you, try this Morning Glory...

Muskmelon smoothie

By Pat Duran
I bought a muskmelon at the grocery store on Wednesday and I cut and peeled the...
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