Blue Ribbon Cocktail Recipes

Cocktails! Mix the perfect drink with these favorite recipes from Blue Ribbon hometown mixologists... both shaken and stirred.

Fresh Lemonade Syrup used to make lemonade.

Fresh Lemonade Syrup

I got this recipe from my mom a few years ago and since then I ...

Two glasses of Holiday Toddy.

Holiday Toddy

Gramma used to do something like this with red wine during the holidays, but I ...

Two glasses of The Perfect Red Sangria.

The Perfect Red Sangria

I love red wine sangria, so I have tried making it several different ways. I ...

Watermelon Lime Frosty Margaritas.

Watermelon Lime Frosty/Margarita

Definitely an adult beverage if you add the alcohol. If you don't like tequila you ...

Two glasses of Strawberry Lime Slush.

Strawberry Lime Slush

If you love tangy and sweet strawberries this is for you! This is an adult ...

Glasses of Watermelon Mint Lemonade.

Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Nothing says summer more than watermelon. The sweetness of the watermelon and lemon compliment each ...

Pina Colada Slush garnished with fresh fruit.

Pina Colada Slush

If you're having a cookout or a party this summer, greet your guests with a ...

Two glasses of Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog).

Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog)

This is a very typical, traditional Puerto Rican drink served during the holidays. It can ...

Two glasses of Rose Sangria.

Rose Sangria

My favorite summer breeze refreshment drink!

Best Bloody Mary served with a salt rim.

Best Bloody Mary

During my bartending days, my co-tender and I would have drink competitions during the slow ...

Frozen Colorado Slush in a cup ready to serve.

Colorado Slush

Everyone who has ever tasted this summertime icy drink loves it. I got this ...

Cherry Lime Mojito in a glass.

Cherry Lime Mojito

I used to work as a bartender and learned so many different cocktail combinations. Even ...

Mint Julep in a pewter glass.

Mint Julep

I love to watch horse races and, of course, the Kentucky Derby is my favorite. ...

Irish Coffee in a chocolate rimmed glass.

Irish Coffee by Nor

With St. Paddy's Day around the corner, I decided to come up with a Baileys ...

Watermelon vodka slushes in a glass with a wedge of watermelon.

Watermelon Vodka Slush

Such a light and refreshing drink! Great summer recipe!

Tropical wine slushy with a pineapple slice and cherry.

Tropical Wine Slushy

I love all fruit, so this slushy was made with ingredients I had on hand. ...

Ingredients poured over ice and garnished with lemon and cherries.

Lynchburg Lemonade

Really good in the summer with cookouts. Can be made individually or by the pitcher, ...

Frozen Blue Whale drink in a glass is an easy summer drink

Frozen Blue Whale

This frozen Blue Whale recipe is the perfect summer drink! Cool, refreshing and oh-so-delicious, enjoy ...

Holiday Spiced Cider poured into mugs.

Holiday Spiced Cider

So yummy!! My family loves this recipe, especially on a cold day.

Cumulus Cloud

While thirsting for a cocktail one night I played around with some of my favorite ...

Texas Peach Sangria

This is a quick and easy alcoholic punch/sangria that is fresh and fruity. Perfect for ...

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

This is a delicious summertime treat that's so easy to make, especially with seedless watermelon. ...

Two glasses and a pitcher of blueberry hibiscus sangria.

Blueberry Hibiscus Sangria

This is a light, crisp, refreshing beverage - perfect for summertime!

House Margaritas

We like to make a double batch to take to barbecues and share. Remember to ...