Drink Recipes

What better way to whet your whistle than with these crafty, satisfying cocktails, smoothies, punches, homemade coffee and ice cream drinks?! Mmm... kick back, relax and enjoy.


Almond Punch Recipe

Almond Punch

By Martine Bykowski
Looks like Champagne. A favorite for wedding receptions, anniversaries, special occasions. My mother-in-law knew how much...

Bloody Mary Pickle Skewers Recipe

Bloody Mary Pickle Skewers

By Patti Jagodzinski
These pickle skewers were so expensive in the store, I thought with my experience in canning...

Bunch Of Punch Recipe

Bunch of Punch

By Marsha Gardner
I was a caterer for over 40 years and served more punch than I can remember,...

Frozen Fruit Daiquiri Recipe

Frozen Fruit Daiquiri

By Kathy D
Daiquiri is a family of cocktails whole main ingredients are rum, citrus juice and some sort...

Orange Breakfast Shake Recipe

Orange Breakfast Shake

I just Adopted this recipe, And I will be making it tomorrow for breakfast. This will...

Coffee Shake Recipe

Coffee Shake

By S I
Another JAP "orphan" recipe that I adopted/claimed. Will post a picture soon.

Raspberry Peach Breakfast Shake Recipe

Raspberry Peach Breakfast Shake

By Eileen Hineline
I adopted this recipe. I love breakfast drinks and smoothies because they are good for you,fast...

Mary Berry Smoothie Recipe

Mary Berry Smoothie

By M L
This is my go-to breakfast. I like using blueberries and strawberries, but any combination of...

Iced Tea Punch Recipe

Iced Tea Punch

By Carie Turner
My mother-in-law made Iced Tea Punch for my wedding rehersal dinner. Folks have always enjoyed...