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Sauce Essentials: South Carolina BBQ Sauce

South Carolina is home to four main barbecue sauces: mustard, vinegar & pepper, light tomato, ...

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Bottoms Up Essentials: Classic Whiskey Sour

This is one of my favorite recipes for a classic whiskey sour. It comes from ...

A tasty and colorful Beet Hummus served with crudites, naan bread and pita crisps.

Beet Hummus

A nice change from ordinary ones, this colorful hummus is so tasty! Grab a couple ...

Caramel Kettle Corn just out of the oven.

Caramel Kettle Corn

I can't keep this in my kitchen for more than a day. Between me ...

No spinach in this I can't have it but still yummy! They attacked before I could get a picture lol

Gnocchi and white beans

Old tradition Italian gnocchi .. Italian comfort food. Packed with good for ya nutrients! Great ...

Tomatoes in a red bowl tossed in browned butter with a spoon.

Heirloom Tomatoes In Hot, Browned Butter

I dearly love growing and eating Heirloom and home grown tomatoes. My Paternal Grandmother (Bonnie ...

Stuffed cabbage bundt cake.

Stuffed cabbage my way

Everyone has own stuffed cabbage recipe. It's always rice with meat stuffing, rolled in cabbage ...

This Caponata is a bowl loaded with deliciousness!


Healthy and packed with deliciousness, this is a great Italian recipe to make often.

Vegan Tomato Soup

Love this tomato soup. I serve it up on Meatless Monday with Sauteed Mushroom Grilled ...

Mexican Chicken Black bean Skillet Dinner

My Heritage Background is Hispanic Dishes, so naturally I combined all my loved ingredients..

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Salad Essentials: Lemon Pepper Dressing

We just had my first Salad Sunday (just made that up), and this is one ...

A gorgeous plate of Prosciutto e Melone with a delicious glaze drizzled on top.


With the added glaze, this delicious Italian appetizer is sure to please your taste buds!

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Salad Essentials: Andy’s House Dressing

I have been making this dressing for many years. Its roots came from a small ...

My homemade ukranian vegan borscht

Linda’s Vegan Ukranian Borscht

I have my grandmother’s recipe for Borscht from the Ukraine, which of course has meat ...

Two nicely cooked Lobster Tails without curling up!


For a nice presentation, here’s a great trick to use to prevent them from curling ...

Paloma Cocktail is a refreshing Mexican drink to enjoy this summer!


With beautiful notes of citrus, this drink is a great choice to quench your thirst…

Nicely grilled chicken thighs marinated in Huli-huli sauce.


With a marinade packed with some serious flavor, this recipe is so delicious!

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Poultry Essentials: Pineapple/Grape Chicken Thighs

This is an easy/peasy recipe to throw together. You mix up the sauce ingredients, sear ...

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French Essentials: Gribiche (Egg) Sauce

Think of this recipe as something like an egg salad, but is used as a ...

My grandma used to makes these and I used to see them at farmers markets and farm shops. Now days its just not around. After20 years of craving and not finding I made my own. Rush of childhood memories. Sweet crispy but soft pickle.

Pickled Watermelon Rind

Sweet yummy goodness. A forgotten treat. It has a similar flavor to a gerkins sweet ...

Two tall ice cream soda glasses of tasty Cherry Cola Float.


Cool, refreshing and so delicious, this is a summer treat I’m sure you’ll love!

A delicious jar of Apricot Jam for your breakfast or brunch menu.


Sweet and flavorful, this is a delicious condiment to enjoy for breakfast or to use ...

Ez WHIPPED Orange Stuff LITE Summer Desssrt

EZ Whipped "Orange Stuff" Lite Summer Dessert

My sister in law always makes something we fondly call "The Pink Stuff," for family ...