Griddle Recipes

Low Carb Quesadilla Recipe

Low Carb Quesadilla

By Lynn Socko
With Missions brand Carb Balance tortilla's, you can have your quesadilla and eat it too. You can...

Flour Tortillas Homemade(sallye) Recipe


By sallye bates
Nothing beats fresh homemade flour tortillas for making tacos or fajitas. This is an easy recipe...

Bob W's Corn Cakes. Recipe

Bob W's Corn Cakes.

By Bob Wakeman
This will go together with just about anything. I top them some times with white grave.. Kids...

Baghrir,  Semolina Pancakes With Honey Butter Recipe

Baghrir, Semolina pancakes with honey butter

By Annacia *
These ancient Berber pancakes are a popular snack and breakfast food in Algeria and also Morocco....

French Toasted Ham & Cheese Recipe

French Toasted Ham & Cheese

By Pat Duran
This lonely recipe has finally been adopted. I like the ingredients in this sandwich . You...

Lumberjack Pancakes Recipe

Lumberjack Pancakes

By Colleen Sowa
My Great Grandmother Sullivan made these for my grandfather Frank "Barney" Sullivan who asked his mother...