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Sweet & Sour Chicken (crockpot) Recipe

Sweet & Sour Chicken (Crockpot)

By Jeanne Benavidez
After working with a few different recipes for sweet and sour chicken, I combined different ingredients...

Vegetarian Meatloaf Recipe

Vegetarian meatloaf

By Veronica C
My kids are vegetarians, so I just eat mostly vegetarian. One day though, I was craving...

'possum And Sweet Potatoes Recipe

'Possum And Sweet Potatoes

By virginia duncan
Found a very old cook book in my mother-in-laws things. Holland's Cook Book copyright 1923. ...

Eggplant Parmesan Recipe


By Lyn Starr
My little Italian co-worker Lived at home with her 60 yr old mom from Italy and...

Roasted Vegetable & Gruyere Frittata Recipe

Roasted Vegetable & Gruyere Frittata

By Sarah Farrand
The combination of savory roasted veggies and nutty gruyere cheese with the creamy, cheesy egg base...