Cookie Recipes

Lavender Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Lavender Shortbread Cookies

By Carol BoBarrel
Everyone loves this recipe! Tender, buttery, and fragrant, perfect with a hot cup of tea. It is...

Tasty Chess Squares Recipe

Tasty Chess Squares

By Kelly Raile
Unless I'm arranging these on a platter to take somewhere, I will wrap the individual squares...

Magic Cookie Bars (hello Dollies) Recipe

Magic Cookie Bars (Hello Dollies)

By Penny R
Originally taken from the label of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. Has been a hit...

Best Pumpkin Cookies Ever! Recipe

Best Pumpkin Cookies Ever!

By Carla Skiles
These cookies are so moist and delicious! One of my family's favorites, I share this...

Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Butter Pecan Cookies

By Penny R
Simple, yet delicious. Variations such as adding 1 cup chocolate chips, or 1 cup of...