Cookie Recipes

Kooky Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Kooky Breakfast Cookies

By Candace Breaux
My mom has made these my entire life and they always bring back memories of childhood....

Potato Cookies Recipe

Potato Cookies

By Donna Baker
My sweet Aunt Maudie made these. No, they don't taste like potatoes. They are...

Gladys Cookies Recipe

Gladys cookies

By Judy Lainhart
These were my Dad's favorite cookie. I made them for him everytime I could. If you...

Chocolate Cookies On A Stick Recipe

Chocolate Cookies on a stick

By Rocio Beattie
These cookies are great for parties,to use as an invitation with a sticker on the back,to...

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

By Leota Sullivan
Everyone that I've shared this recipe with loves how simple it is. Most can't believe it...

Ann Harrison Cookies Recipe

Ann Harrison Cookies

By geraldine quesenberry
This cookie evolved through a friend that loved macadamia nuts. so, for a surprise at christmas...

Ritz Mint Cookies Recipe

Ritz Mint Cookies

By Lillian Russo
These taste very much like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies! I made this and they are...

Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Kathleen Taylor
A thin, simple-to-prepare cake is the foundation for these nostalgic treats. To soften the ice cream,...