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#Smoked Salmon Recipes

Cedar Plank Salmon with dill and lemon slices.

Cedar Plank Salmon

The product of some lake house weekend cooking creativity. This recipe has evolved to become ...

A bowl filled with chowder sitting on an orange table mat with a dish towel in the background.

West Coast Smoked Salmon Chowder

There's nothing better than a chowder for your soul! This recipe is loaded with flavor ...

From Instagram: Dry brined salmon

Dry Brine for Smoking Salmon

There won't be any leftovers! The smoky-rich tang that comes from your fillets will ...

Bagel with Lox

My first bagel with lox was at Ella's Deli in Madison, Wi. I have loved ...

Smoked Salmon just out of the smoker.

Smoking Salmon

You know it's summer in Alaska when we drag out our smokers and clear out ...

Swiss Smoked Salmon Omelet

Smoked salmon paired with the creaminess of Gruyere. Serve with toast.

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll 
Photo courtesy Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

Smoked Salmon Sushi Roll

I love smoked salmon sushi and enjoy the addition of cucumber, avocado and wasabi in ...

Pacific Northwest Potatoes

Adapted from a recipe in KCTS 9 (Seattle) Cooks Potatoes, by Robert Jacobsen of Issaquah.

This is a wonderful treat for all .....

Smoked Salmon Dip

This is a amazing salmon dip I transformed into one of my own recipes. It ...

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

How many way can you think of an eggs Benedict recipe? NOTES : Try adding 1/4 ...

Chipotle-Mango, Smoked Salmon Crostini

Easy, elegant sweet and delicious Sure to delight any crowd for any occasion.

Northwest Smoked Salmon and Clam Chowder

This wild smoked salmon and clam chowder combo is a real winner. Get ready ...