#Easter recipe Recipes

A few delicious sweet buns perfect to enjoy during Easter weekend


This easy recipe is so flavorful perfect to serve for Easter.

Slices of Grand Curacao glazed cooked ham along with steamed green beans and scalloped potatoes.


Elegant and so delicious, this recipe is a great choice for any occasion!

A couple beef short ribs place on top of mashed potatoes along with carrots and steamed broccoli with a nice rich gravy spooned over.


Tender, flavorful and absolutely delicious, this is a great dish to serve at your next ...

A few delicious crab rangoon with a dipping sauce


With a flavorful filling, this delicious appetizer is perfect to serve at your next dinner ...

A nicely cooked crown roast of pork with rice stuffing in the center.

Crown Roast of Pork

Elegant and visually appealing, this classic recipe is packed with flavor... certainly a must try!

A rice mixture in a white serving bowl.

Saffron Rice Stuffing

Colorful and absolutely delicious, each bite of this dish is a burst of flavor and ...

Three stuffed clams with a lemon wedge on a plate.

Clams Casino

Perfect to serve for any occasion, these little guys will surely please everyone!

A slice of bread with cheese, mushroom paste and tomato pieces garnished with chives.

Duxelles Bruschetta

This tasty new twist on an old favorite is so delicious! This recipe is elegant, ...

Two serving bowls of rice pudding with a couple cinnamon sticks.

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Smooth, creamy and delectable, this easy dessert is nice to serve with ground cinnamon and ...

Colorful, tasty & healthy, this is a great side dish to have and pairs well with many proteins!

Carrot & Rutabaga Mash

Colorful, tasty & healthy, this is a great side dish to have and pairs well ...

Slices of beet in a serving dish with oranges behind.

Orange Glazed Beets

Tasty, sweet with a little zip, these are absolutely delicious… a great side dish to ...

Three crusted lamb chops on a white plate with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Rack of Lamb with Herbes de Provence

This dish is flavorful and very elegant! The presentation is beautiful and the taste is ...

Squared candies on a plate with couple chicks and a bunch of eggs in the background.


This tasty sweet treat is such an easy recipe with only 5 ingredients! It's a ...

A roasted dish on a serving plate surrounded with orange slices sitting on a bed of lettuce.

Roast Duck with Marmalade Glaze

With a beautiful combination of ingredients, this dish is perfect to serve for any occasion, ...

A bunch of rainbow carrots on a serving dish.

Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Amazingly delectable, this recipe is a great choice to pair along with many proteins plus ...

A ham with a few slices sitting on a red cutting board with carrots in the background.

Brown Sugar Mustard Glazed Ham

This delicious traditional Easter dish can be enjoyed all year round! Amazing combination of ingredients ...

A roast beef with a few slices on a wood cutting board.

Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs

This Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs recipe is easy to make and incredibly tasty! This ...

Carrot cake on a glass cake stand.

Cream Cheese Carrot Cake

Easy and extremely moist carrot cake recipe with a lovely cream cheese frosting, this is ...