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Non-Edible Recipes

From homemade soaps and beauty products, to crafty ideas for kids and pets… These recipes aren’t for eatin’, but they’re addictive just the same!

Serves: All races, because anyone can become an environmental activist. It is that simple!

Environmental Activists

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By Desiree Harvey
In my words and environmental activist is somone working toward protecting the natural environment from ...
Home Sweet Home

A New Adventure For Bonnie

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By Bonnie Beck
Belief in him who is the creature of miracles.

Fish Talk

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By Sallye Bates
I love seafood for its flavor, nutrition, and almost endless variety of preparation. But ...
not me, but it will be in a years time.....

Fireman Bob's On A Journey Changing All My Recipes

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By Bob Cooney
This is a new beginning for me... I am going to develop a whole new lifestyle ...
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Handsome dude

Weights & Measures

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By Andy Anderson !
I’ve created an e-pub that lists weights, measures and conversions for most food types. You can ...
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Diy Chocolate Sugar Scrub

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By Barbara Lentz
An all natural body scrub that gives you a chocolate fix without the calories. Smells ...
The kids will love making and playing with this playdough recipe!  I store mine in air tight containers and they last for a few weeks!

Simple Homemade Playdough

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By Jaclyn Groh
The kids will love making and playing with this playdough from start till end! ...
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Andy's How To: The Jap Recipe Box

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By Andy Anderson !
Based on a question that I had, I created a video on how to use ...

Smells Like Christmas [stove Top Christmas Scent]

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By Chelsea Cameron-Horner
This is a really quick & easy way to make your home smell like Christmas!
apple table decoration

Apple Or Mini Pumpkin Holiday Table Decoration

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By Joan R.
this makes for pretty table settings. I don't recommend lighting candles if small children ...
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All Natural Creamy, Whipped Body Butter (easy)

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By Family Favorites
I am absolutely hooked on this extremely wholesome, natural and pure organic whipped body butter. ...
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Even Burt's Bees Use My Lip Balm =)

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By Family Favorites
Ok... So in the spirit of full disclosure, I really don't know if bees wear ...
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Cardboard Gingerbread Playhouse

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By Melanie Ross
Note: If you want a window box just take a smaller size box cut off ...


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By Melanie Ross
If you’re on the lookout for some cheap and super cute Christmas decorations then these ...

Frosted Snowman Candle Holders

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By Melanie Ross
Snowman candle holders will bring a cheerful glow to any room and is the perfect ...
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Christmas Socks Exchange

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By Kim Biegacki
We had a Christmas sock exchange last year at our Sweet & Treats Exchange. The ...
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Spiced Autumn Harvest Simmering Potpourri

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By Family Favorites
Fall is in the air and the holidays just around the corner. Add a welcoming ...
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Doggie Biskit Treats

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By C P
Many brands of commercial dog treats are filled with preservatives, which help to extend their ...

How To Dry Herbs In The Refrigerator

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By Teresa G.
This is a super-easy way to dry fresh herbs. In my opinion, it preserves the ...
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Meal Planning For Health

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By Susan Feliciano
The most important concept in losing weight and having a healthy heart is to EAT ...
Poodles, schnauzers, hearts and bones are fun with peanut butter dog treats!

Rice & Peanut Butter Dog Treats

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By Junia Sonier
Buying doggie treats can get expensive so I found out what foods dogs can eat ...
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Making Symbols, Fractions, Hearts, Using "alt"

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By Family Favorites
I was reading several comments below a recipe regarding making the "degree" symbol (°) using ...
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Kitchen Utensils

Basic Equipment

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By Karen Feinen
A list of the basics..
Bug Spray for tomato hornworm and hopefully other vegetation pests.

Hornworn Tomato Worm Bug Spray

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By Oneita Ericson
I just made this for the first time. I will report back my findings. ...