A new adventure for Bonnie

By Bonnie Beck @sailboat
from Route 66, AZ

Belief in him who is the creature of miracles.

serves All who serve him and belief in him.
method No-Cook or Other


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    homesweet home
    blue skies
    millions of stars
    birds singing
    an answer to a long time prayer
    thankful and grateful to my heavenly father

How To Make

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    Lots of prayers and belief that in all things are possible through God.
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    He is my light and my savior.
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    In one breath, all the beauty was gone... Our home is gone, but almost everyone elses around us is mad it out. We lost two that we know of. Paradise may rebuilded, but it will never have the beauty it did in my life time.... Thank our heavenly father we make it out with our dogs, one cat, birds and our lizard. Gabbed a few pictures and some papers. We left with the clothing on our backs....

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