How to Dry Herbs in the Refrigerator

Teresa *G*


This is a super-easy way to dry fresh herbs. In my opinion, it preserves the color and fresh flavor must better than other methods I've tried. Bonus: Your refrigerator will smell wonderful!

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15 Min


fresh herbs (such as sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, tarragon, mint etc...)
cold water for washing herbs
paper towels
twist ties, rubber bands or tape to close ends of packets
marker or ink pen

How to Make How to Dry Herbs in the Refrigerator


  • 1Lay clean kitchen towel(s) or a layer of paper towels on work surface.
  • 2Thoroughly wash herbs under cold running water; place clean herbs on towels.
  • 3Inspect herbs and remove, and discard, any leaves or spots that appear brown or blemished.
  • 4Pat herbs dry with paper towels; leave on towels to continue to air-dry for up to 1 hr.
  • 5Tear off several sections of new paper towels; place on work surface.
  • 6Remove leaves from stems; discard or repurpose stems.
  • 7For ROSEMARY: Strip the needles from the stem by holding top end of stem with one hand; with fingers of other hand, grasp the stem directly under the top and pull toward the cut end of the stem. Discard stem.
  • 8NOTE: You may mince herbs or leave whole, your choice.
  • 9Place herb leaves on a section/sheet of paper towel; roll towel up, around the leaves, like a cigarette.
  • 10Secure ends using a twist tie, rubber band or tape.
  • 11Write name of herb and the date on the bundle.
  • 12Place bundles on highest shelf in refrigerator for approximately 2 weeks.
  • 13After 2 weeks, open bundle to inspect for dryness.
  • 14If not thoroughly dried; re-tie ends and return to refrigerator for a few more days. If dry, empty herbs into plastic zipper bags or spice jars, label and date.
  • 15Store away from light.

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