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The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

A slice of Old Fashioned Multi-Layer Chocolate Cake.

Old Fashioned Multi-layer Chocolate Cake

Bea L. avatar
By Bea L.
I love making this cake. It seems that young folks, as well as old folks, ...
(9 ratings)
A slice of Guinness Chocolate Cake on a plate.

Guinness Chocolate Cake

Linda Isaacs avatar
By Linda Isaacs
I've used a Bundt pan and springform pan for this cake. Dusted it with confectioners' ...
(21 ratings)
Slice of Dragonfly Dark Chocolate Cake on a plate.

Midnight Dragonfly Chocolate Cake

Cynthia Guptill avatar
By Cynthia Guptill
I have been looking for a great chocolate cake recipe most of my life. I ...
(36 ratings)
Slice of German Chocolate Cake on a plate.

Daddy's Birthday Cake - German Chocolate Cake

Lisa Halsey avatar
By Lisa Halsey
My Dad called me just before his 75th birthday and asked me to bring him ...
(10 ratings)
A platter of Mini Chocolate Raspberry Rum Cakes.

Mini Chocolate Raspberry Rum Cakes

Lisa Cox avatar
By Lisa Cox
These are always a big hit with family and friends. They make great gifts too.
(10 ratings)
A slice of Kahlua Chocolate Cake on a plate.

Kahlua Chocolate Cake

Janet Gustafson avatar
By Janet Gustafson
This cake is rub it in your hair good! I made it for a bake ...
(10 ratings)
A slice of Black Magic Cake with chocolate frosting on a plate.

Black Magic Cake (best Chocolate Cake Ever!)

Lisa Glass avatar
By Lisa Glass
When my mother passed away, a close family friend made us two wonderful cakes. One ...
(513 ratings)
Three Chocolate Molten Cakes ready to be served.

Chocolate Molten Cakes

Kathleen Taylor avatar
By Kathleen Taylor
Everyone loves these cakes! They are the bomb for a chocolate lover. Don't ...
(22 ratings)

Drunken Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake

Raquel Beltz avatar
By Raquel Beltz
My original recipe for Drunken Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake can easily be converted to non-alcoholic. ...
(3 ratings)

Chocolate-caramel-coconut Cake

Lindsay Fowler avatar
By Lindsay Fowler
I love Samoa Girl Scout Cookies and this cake is made to mimic that famous ...
(4 ratings)

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

Mary Louise avatar
By Mary Louise
Years ago, 1978 to be exact a girl I worked with brought this in as ...
(14 ratings)

Dark Chocolate Ricotta Cake

Linda Dalton avatar
By Linda Dalton
I'm a lover of cheese and chocolate. And I have a sweet tooth. This loaf ...
(6 ratings)

Fudge Brownie Cake

Kathy Griffin avatar
By Kathy Griffin
Made this for our July 4th dinner. It was so yummy. One sister said to ...
(30 ratings)

Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake

Valeree Dunbar avatar
By Valeree Dunbar
I saw this Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake recipe on Facebook from an old friend. ...
(11 ratings)
Mom's Chocolate Decadent Cake with frosting dripping.

Mom’s Chocolate Decadent Cake

Shelia Senghas avatar
By Shelia Senghas
Monday was a beautiful fall day and I was sitting in the back yard perusing ...
(105 ratings)

Chocolate Bliss Bundt Cake

Traci Coleman avatar
By Traci Coleman
What is there not to love about chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, chocolate ganache, snickers candy ...
(65 ratings)

Double Chocolate Chipotle Chili Cake

Barbara Eaton avatar
By Barbara Eaton
I love the taste of Chipotle Chili in dishes. Got to thinking why wouldn't ...
(16 ratings)

Mississippi Mud Cake

Wanda Vance avatar
By Wanda Vance
This was passed down to me from my "Nannie" my dad's mom. It is very ...
(12 ratings)

Chocolate Flan Cake

Roberta Broussard avatar
By Roberta Broussard
The cake will stay moister than most cakes you’ve ever made and you will see ...
(90 ratings)

Chocolate Coconut Bundt Cake

Sue Lally avatar
By Sue Lally
I have a really good coconut cake recipe but was craving chocolate, so I switched ...
(18 ratings)