12 Festive Christmas Cookie Recipes

For the twelfth meal of Christmas, my true love made for me…

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Chewy Rum Sugar Cookies
Chewy Rum Sugar Cookies Light, fluffy and chewy, yummmm! These blue ribbon awarded cookies have just a hint of rum flavor, your whole family will love them some chewy rum sugar cookies. Plus, these cookies are super easy to make - you can’t go wrong! See the steps you need to make this chewy rum sugar cookies recipe!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Re
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cookies Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? Well, these cookies certainly make him proud! Get the kiddos involved in decorating these subtle peanut butter flavored cookies. Whether you use red gumdrops, cinnamon dots or dried cranberries, everyone will love these festive cookies! You’ll go down in history for making these delicious cookies! Get the recipe here!
Thumb Print Cookies The
Thumb Print Cookies The Ultimate Best! Original to every home cook, these thumbprint cookies are delightful and delectable! Family tested and approved, kids of all ages will have fun lending a thumb to make these tasty cookies. Blue ribbon awarded, you can’t go wrong with these delicious classic cookies! Learn how to make the the best thumbprint cookies here!
Holiday Gifting Ricotta
Holiday Gifting Ricotta Egg Biscuits Easy and delicious Christmas cookies you NEED to make this holiday! Fluffy, cake-like cookies that are not overly sweet - simply lovely! A great addition to your holiday cookie tray, these biscuits are wonderful to give as gifts this Christmas. Plus, just a few simple steps to make them! Get the directions you need to make holiday gifting ricotta egg cookies!
Hertzog Cookies

Hertzog Cookies Sweet, light and delicious - we adore the taste and texture of these cookies! Called “Hertzog koekies” after General J.B.M. Hertzog, prime minister of the South African Union, these jam and coconut tartlets are rooted in tradition and history. While there are many versions, we love these blue ribbon cookies! Just 3 easy steps to make Hertzog cookies - learn how here!
Gooey Butter Cookies

Gooey Butter Cookies Gooey on the inside, crunchy on the outside, plus super easy to make...this cookies are beyond irresistible! Blue ribbon awarded, these family tested and approved cookies are a must for your holiday party - we bet you go home without any leftovers! Mmmm...our mouths are watering just thinking about it. See the 4 easy steps needed to make these gooey butter cookies, you know you want to!
Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies What are the holidays without gingerbread cookies? This blue ribbon awarded recipe is one of the best versions we’ve ever had! This classically awesome recipe is a must-try this holiday season! Find out how to make these deliciously adorable gingerbread cookies!
Festive Ginger Molasses
Festive Ginger Molasses Cookies Great for cookie exchanges or holiday parties, these molasses cookies are super tasty! The white chocolate + ginger + spices compliment each other perfectly for a scrumptious cookie. Not to mention, these adorable cookies are super easy to make! Blue ribbon winner, we know you’re going to love these festive ginger molasses cookies! Learn how to make these impressive-looking cookies here!
Dark Chocolate Truffle C
Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies Love dark chocolate? Then this recipe is for you! Dark chocolate truffle cookies are so nice and naughty at the same time - perfect for an indulgent moment! Or, if you feel generous, give as holiday gifts. Ready in just 7 simple steps, these blue ribbon awarded cookies are a must! Click here for the easy recipe to make these sinfully good cookies!
Chocolate Peppermint Coo
Chocolate Peppermint Cookies Blue ribbon awarded, they’re chocolaty, minty, soft, chewy and gooey! Aka, you can’t go wrong! Family tested and approved, we bet Santa will LOVE these! Just the right amount of peppermint, these cookies are a perfect combo for the holidays. Is your mouth watering too? Learn how to make these delicious chocolate peppermint cookies!
Chocolate Cherry Nuggets
Chocolate Cherry Nuggets Move over chocolate covered cherries, these tasty little morsels are simply lovely! All the flavors work deliciously well together for one amazing cookie. Ready in only a few simple steps, these festive nuggets are great for Christmas! Don’t deprive your mouth of the tastiness of these cookies - try them now!
Cherry Winks

Cherry Winks Delicious flavor combined with a nice crunch and terrific chew, these cherry winks are a must this holiday season! Ready in just 3 super simple steps, cherry winks are family tested and approved - so you know they will be a surefire hit at your family Christmas party! See the 3 steps you need to make these blue ribbon awarded cookies!