Club Rules

The Club Rules are simple:

1 Butter is not a dirty word, but other words are. Let’s keep this kitchen clean, please.

2 Treat each other kindly. Even the biggest differences in opinion can be discussed politely… and we all know everyone feels better after they’ve eaten a little comfort food. So play nice with comments on recipes and in chat groups.

3 Sticky situations (and questionable content) will arise from time to time, so let the Club moderators know if you come across something you feel needs attention. These friendly folks are available with mops at the ready for any messes that may pop up, so please do not attempt to clean things up on your own with other members.

4 Calories don’t count here. Ok, they do… but YOU don’t have to count them. All recipes are equal here in the Club – those that are extra healthy and those that are just a tad bit decadent!

5 Pass plates to the left… or is it the right? Well, either way, members are encouraged to share and share alike! Recipes, tips, stories, suggestions… there are no bad ideas and no bad recipes at the Recipe Club, so let that creativity flow. We ask only that you respect others’ recipes & comments and be thoughtful when posting your own.

6 Swap more recipes – The world will be a happier place. Not sure if you can or should post a recipe from another source? Check out this FAQ.

7 No soliciting, please. It distracts from the cooking…. and could cause our biscuits to burn! That obviously won’t do, so please leave the selling at the door.

That’s the scoop… More details and “bigger” words can be found in the Terms of Use agreement, but these 7 simple rules are what we live – and trade recipes – by here at the Recipe Club. Step inside and see what’s cookin’!