8 Irresistible Glazed Ham Recipes

For the eighth meal of Christmas, my true love made for me…

eight hams a glazing, seven buns a baking, six crockpots a simmering, five pecan pies, four eggnog bowls, three cornish hens, two turtle cakes and an apple in a pear pie
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Bourbon Maple Glazed Ham

A family favorite to be sure! Beyond flavorful, this crispy and yummy glazed ham is ready in just 2 easy steps (yes, you read that right..TWO STEPS)! Perfect for your holiday dinner party, this homemade ham recipe will have all your guests begging for leftovers...mmm!

Get this family tested and approved bourbon maple glazed ham recipe here! Just two steps!

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Louise Jacobs - Dec 21, 2016
I love ham. It is my all favorite meal. Ham, mashed potatoes, and either peas or broccoli is my favorite meal . and for dessert Boston Cream Pie.