Italian Recipes

Lemon Chicken Piccata Recipe

Lemon Chicken Piccata

Leah Stacey
By Leah Stacey

If you love lemons then you will love this. It taste like you just stepped out...

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Pizza Bubble Cake Recipe

Pizza Bubble Cake

Stacy Hutchinson
By Stacy Hutchinson

Every Friday night is pizza night in our house. I found this recipe and now...

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It's All About You - Pizza Dough Recipe

It's All About You - Pizza Dough

Tate Two
By Tate Two

Nothing like making your own pizza dough. Now this recipe can be modified in many...

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Potato and Spinach Salad Recipe

Potato and Spinach Salad

Barbara Henning
By Barbara Henning

Great with grilled Italian Pork Chops. Letting the salad sit at room temperature for a...

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Kale and Sausage Pie Recipe

Kale and Sausage Pie

Camille Carnahan
By Camille Carnahan

This tasted as if quiche and stuffed shells filling had a baby. Really cheesey, hardy...

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Rainbow Cookies Recipe

Rainbow Cookies

Thea Pappalardo
By Thea Pappalardo

A good friend gave me this recipe and I make these every Christmas. Everyone loves...

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Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

Cauliflower Pizza

connie ward
By connie ward

My Grandaughter gave me this recipe it is so delish shess a diabetic and she can...

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