Delicious Main Dish Recipes
Created August 2012

By Doris Ware dinkymax
Lovingly Compiled by
Doris Ware [dinkymax] This Is The Kinds Of Food We Eat A Lot Of.Simply Delicious Good Eating. Thank's To All On Just A Pinch And The Use Of Your Recipes.A Very Good Web Site We All Can Use!

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Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee
Sep 9, 2012
Nancy, you're making me drool... The only thing we have here in the winter are "red" [purple] onions. I THINK I may have seen "sweet white onions" but haven't tried them. I will now. Its a bit confusing to me...are the onions called "walla walla"? The same for "Maui Maui". [Although in my "hippie days" I've smoked Maui Wowie. lol] I've never even heard of either of them... I'm soooooooo jealous! What do you do in the winter? I'd send you $ to send me some but I'm not sure if its legal to transport vegetables privately accross state lines. In spite of my sordid past [with Maui Wowie] I don't ever break the law anymore! I'll call a local "We send it store" & check it out... TY for the info!!!
Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
Sep 9, 2012
BOBBI,....We have walla, walla here in WA.
.yestersday...$1.39 a pound..
naturallI bought 2 large ones..
They are as good as Vadalias.
Have you ever had Maui, Maui...from HI....???
All three are delicious..
.Wish they would last over the winter!..........nancy...9/9/12
Guess it must be the sugat content......
you can not store them ...very long!....Nancy
Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee
Sep 9, 2012
I'm down to my last vidalia onion. :-(

You wouldn't believe how much I can get out of 1 vidalia. Heck, even I can't believe how much I could stretch out an onion. LOL

Now, everytime I make lunch or dinner [when appropriate] I ask my husband, "Vidalia or red?". He doesn't even laugh at me...he know I'm serious about my vidalias.

Good bye to all my summer fruits & vegetables. I enjoyed every bite of you.
Karen Sills redhotchilipeppers
Sep 4, 2012
Thanks for adding my bacon wrapped meat loaf balls and dipping sauce to your book!
Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee
Sep 3, 2012

No onion in my ice cream either! lol

I also love tomatoes, but only when they're in season locally. I love a tomato sandwich: Potato roll, mayo, tomatoe, Accent, salt & pepper. A little fresh basil if I have it. I mention it becauseI have never found a way to make an onion sandwich...I just chop it up and put it in anyhthing even remotely possible. hahaha

Are you also into Vidalia onions? I LOVE sweet and no bad breath! In Philadelphia PA [where I live] you can only get Vidalias in season. When my local fuit/veggie stand ran out of vidalias, I ran to the supermarket where they still had them. I bough 8 of them. I'm down to 1 and 1/2. I plan to be very careful how I use them... I don't know if you know kimmik on'll see lots of her recipes in my recipe list, is also a Vidalia freak. She just sent me a private email telling me she can't get them anywhere anymore & she put on 3 "sad faces". If you're also a Vidalia lover, you may want to send kimmi your condolences...

Take care!