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Tater Tot Casserole With Bacon ready to be served.

Tater Tot Casserole With Bacon

Jill Richmond avatar
By Jill Richmond
Slight variations on a very basic recipe made this one a HUGE hit with my ...
(3 ratings)
Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole in a baking dish.

Tater Tot Casserole

Phyllis Gesch avatar
By Phyllis Gesch
This tater tot casserole is perfect for potlucks and very kid-friendly. Always a crowd-pleaser.
(5 ratings)
Tater Tot Casserole ready to serve.

Tater Tot Casserole

Muna Escobar avatar
By Muna Escobar
My kids love this. The more tater tots and cheese I put in it, the ...
(76 ratings)
A platter of Tater Tot Nacho Supreme.

Tater Tot Nacho Supreme

Pam Penisten avatar
By Pam Penisten
To my loving Husband. Who loves to try new flavors like me!!
(3 ratings)
Tater Tot Hot Dish with melted cheese on top.

Too Hot To Tot! Tater Tot Hotdish

Barbara Kavorkian avatar
By Barbara Kavorkian
I knew the basic method of making a Tater Tot Hotdish. I just wanted ...
(3 ratings)
Bacon tater bake casserole out of the oven.

Bacon Tater Bake

Karla Everett avatar
By Karla Everett
This is a very delicious side dish and I like to change it up with ...
(3 ratings)

Tater Tot, Brats And Sauerkraut Casserole

Marianne Gleason avatar
By Marianne Gleason
Super easy casserole for sauerkraut lovers!

Mexican Tater Tot Pie

C Ran avatar
By C Ran
A twist on the MN staple - tater tot hot dish!
Great Comfort food

Chili Tater Tot Casserole

Brenda Hatfield-Lautenschlaeger avatar
By Brenda Hatfield-Lautenschlaeger
What great comfort food....chili and tater tots whats not to love?
(2 ratings)

Covenant Church Tater-tot Hot Dish

Mary Armstrong avatar
By Mary Armstrong
This is the family size recipe that I modified for two. The church recipe does not ...
(1 rating)