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Mr. Pete's 'signature' Seasoned Cajun Fish Fry

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By Mr. Pete !
Mr. Pete's Seasoned Cajun Fish Fry, the very first of his products to hit the ...
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Tasty Red Potatoes - My Way

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By Cassie *
These potatoes make a delicious accompaniment to any meat. Seasoned just right.. My Pictures.
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Halibut entree

Easy Halibut

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By Steven Sellards
Here in SE Alaska we can be overrun w/Halibut,this is a quicky. So many variations ...
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Seasoned Scrambled Eggs

Seasoned Scrambled Eggs

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By Ellen Gwaltney Bales
For those of you who enjoy an occasional walk on the wild side, try these ...
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Mama Shof's Pear Pickles

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By Janice Ross
It's pear time in the South! The tree's limbs are breaking with juicy fresh pears. ...
(2 ratings)

Chicken Creole

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By Amy H.
An amazing dish, tasty and healthy!
(3 ratings)

Green Bean Heaven

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By Kathleen Hagood
I have been making my green beans like this for a couple of years now. ...
(2 ratings)

Breakfast Burritos

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By Brandy Bender
(2 ratings)

Corned Beef Bagel Dip

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By Brandy Bender
(1 rating)
A dish that feeds the soul!

Musical Beans

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By Lynda Hayes
This reminds me of growing up in Chicago. My mom would make a pot ...
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Microwave Potato Chips with Season Salt

Microwave Potato Chips

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By Jessica Silva
An easy and quick way to make potato chips... and without the added oil!
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Grouper Captiva

Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories) avatar
By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
We used to have a condo in Ft. Myers Beach, FLA - right across the ...
(2 ratings)

Breaded Pork Chops Homemade 2 Ways By Freda

"The Other white Meat". We enjoy a good Porkchop with applesauce and a nice Salad ...
(2 ratings)

Chicken Scallopini With Lemon

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By Scott Anderson
Chicken Scallopini is one of those wonderful old world style dishes that when made right ...
(2 ratings)

Bonnie's Cabbage Cartier

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By BonniE !
This recipe is is well over a hundred years old. I am told that ...
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Buffalo-style Chicken Nuggets

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By Brandy Bender
These babies look and sound so yummy!!!! (Found on other recipe site)
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