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#Hors d'Oeuvres Recipes

Here's a beautiful plate of Gougères also known as Cheese Puffs.

GougÈres Aka Cheese Puffs

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By Francine Lizotte
Deliciously cheesy, these are perfect for entertaining! They make great hors d’oeuvre for your event!
A warm and delicious Spinach Artichoke Dip ready to be enjoyed!

Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip

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By Francine Lizotte
Often found on bar, restaurant and bistro menus, now with this recipe, you can make ...
I used oat bread - I would use thinner bread when making for Afternoon Tea.

Tea-time Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches

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By Carolyn Haas
My church is having a Bridal Revue and Afternoon Tea as a fundraiser. My assignment ...
grated cheeses mayo hot sauce and diced pimento

Low Country Pimento Cheese Spread

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By Carolyn Haas
A friend of mine's mother used to spread this into celery sticks for a snack ...
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One batch of beautiful, golden ahi crescent rolls fresh from the oven.

Aunt Squishy's Ahi Pastries W/pesto Cream Sauce

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By Lynsee Gilbert
PRO TIPS: For rare ahi place tuna pieces in the freezer in an air-tight container for ...

Baked Buffelo Chicken Bites With Fat Free Feta Dip

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By Amy H.
Fun Fact: Boneless Chicken Wings aren't really wings at all. They are simply cut up ...
This was a peanut butter fudge I made with a bag of peanut butter flavored morsels.

Old Fashion Fudge

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By Juanireen Trahan
Please note: the flavor of your fudge can be modified simply by adding any other ...

Pimento Cheese Perfection!

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By Julie Bailey
My son and I love pimento cheese and enjoy making it from scratch because it's ...

Cheesy Onion Spread

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By Amy H.
This stuff is really tasty!


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By Amy H.
Pronounced Co-Sheen-Yas. A dear friend of mine, who's boyfriend at the time was from Brazil, ...

Baked Cream Cheese Appetizer

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By Amy H.
This is a wonderful, easy and inexpensive appetizer. I serve it at Easter time and ...
For deep fried vegetables you can use anything in your imagination. These tasty treats are a favorite of many

Deep Fried Vegetables

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By David Kuhlmann
When frying,use Canola Oil. It's lower in the bad stuff and it doesn't absorb into ...
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Roast Beef Tea Sandwiches

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By Amy H.
These are delicious and will disappear quickly at your next tea party. Better make a ...

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

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By Amy H.
These make a really cute hors d'oeuvre and the cream cheese really gives it something ...

Warm Honey Brie

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By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This Brie paired well with fruit slices and wine. It was creamy and rich when ...

Crab On Crackers Hors D'oeuvres With A Twist

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By Andy Anderson !
This hors d'Oeuvre is relatively easy to produce, and makes a great way to keep ...