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#greek yogurt Recipes

A bowl of BLT Salad With Greek Yogurt Dressing.

Blt Salad With Greek Yogurt Dressing

Maya Turnor avatar
By Maya Turnor
The first time I made this it was a hit! Everyone at the BBQ loved ...
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Air Fryer Chicken Shwarama

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Fun Fact: The word Shawarma is an Arabic version of the Turkish word for turning ...
A platter of Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs.

Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs

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By Kitchen Crew
Deviled eggs are a popular party side dish or appetizer. They're also delicious for breakfast ...
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Tall glass of strawberry, banana, blueberry smoothie with straw.

Red White & Blue Smoothies

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
This is a healthy, not overly-sweet strawberry, blueberry and banana smoothie that I created for ...
Greek Yogurt & Milk Substitute for Heavy Cream swirled into soup.

Greek Yogurt & Milk Substitute For Heavy Cream

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By Kitchen Crew
Greek yogurt is very versatile and can be used in place of many creamy dairy ...
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A glass bowl with a mixture of chickpeas, corns, and tomatoes on a green table mat with a wooden spoon and whole cherry tomatoes.

Chickpea Corn Salad

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
To me a salad doesn't have to be green to be healthy! As we all ...

Raspberry Parfait

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By Carolyn Haas
I was just in Minneapolis - home of Prince and purple rain. I was thinking ...
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Beet and Apple Salad on a little white plate.

Beet And Apple Salad With Yogurt Dressing

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By Carolyn Haas
Adapted from The Greek Vegetarian by Diane Kochilas These ingredients are also common to ...
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Tangy/Spicy Tandoori & Garbanzo bean potato salad.

Tandoori Garbanzo Bean Potato Salad

Carol White avatar
By Carol White
Fragrant, fresh and full of flavor. Here’s a salad with a tangy/spicy mixture of ...
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Strawberry Cake

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
I formulated a vanilla cake base from several recipes I found and made some necessary ...

Ranch Dressing Made Better

Tammy1923 Starfire avatar
By Tammy1923 Starfire
This came to me by way of a friend on Facebook. It is excellent! I ...
Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Amy Ramnarine avatar
By Amy Ramnarine
A healthier version of banana bread made with whole wheat flour and yogurt
What you need:  milk, nonfat dry milk, live yogurt culture, thermometer

Yogurt 101

Sherry Blizzard avatar
By Sherry Blizzard
I took a yogurt and cheese making class with a bunch of my girlfriends in ...
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Strawberry Cheesecake Cake

Strawberry Cheesecake Cake

Teresa Jacobson avatar
By Teresa Jacobson
This has three of my favorite things- cake, cheesecake and strawberries~ What's not to love?? ...
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Baked Parmesan Tilapia

Teresa Jacobson avatar
By Teresa Jacobson
This is a mild baked fish that will not only appeal to those that maybe ...
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Strawberry Shortcake Muffins

Jenni K avatar
By Jenni K
This recipe comes from Dashing Dish. I pretty much followed it, with only minor ...
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Greek yogurt popsicles

Greek Yogurt Popsicles

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By Kitchen Crew
These refreshing Greek yogurt popsicles are as easy as 1-2-3! All you need are three ...
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