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A slice of Ma's English Plum Pudding on a plate.

Ma's English Plum Pudding

This recipe has been handed down from my great-grandmother and before.

Wake up the household to this Glazed Jam Cake. No one will sleep in too late, I assure you.

Glazed Jam Cake (a coffee cake)

I love the sweetness of a good coffee cake in the morning. Pair that with ...

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Strawberry banana cream cake

There are so many ways to change this recipe. sometimes I add sliced bananas with ...

Mama's White Fruit Cake (Family Favorite)

This recipe has been in our family for as long as I can remember - ...

Fruit Cake

Dave's Favorite Fruit Cake

I never had a fruit cake until my husband made this for me. Ever ...

Healthy Fruit Cake

Enjoy a slice of this deliciously moist cake with bits of fresh fruit and a ...

Pistachio Pig Pickens Cake

"Light, airy, moist, reminds me of spring". Every one loves this.. If you haven't made it.. ...

Grandmom Schumacher's Dark Fruit Cake

This was our Grandmom's [secret] fruitcake that we loved growing up. Even though many folks ...

Easiest Fruit Cake Ever

Easy to make, tastes great and keep in the refrigerator for two months at least.