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Inside of the Americanized Egg Rolls.

Americanized Egg Rolls

Elin Criswell avatar
By Elin Criswell
My dear friend Nancy helped me formulate this recipe right before my husband and I ...
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Crispy Chicken Tenders

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By Elaine Bovender
We love chicken tenders, but not so much from the fast food places. These ...
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Fried Pickle Chips

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By Amy H.
There used to be a restaurant in Willis Michigan called The Pickle Barrel that used ...

Easy Fried Summer Squash

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By Teresa G.
This is just a simple, basic yet classic, Southern recipe. We eat these like we ...
Fried Saffron Rice Balls.

Arancini Di Riso Allo Zaffreano

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By Jim Frigyes
We used to have these any time there was leftover rice or risotto. Sometimes ...
Ready to eat like this or add any topping you like!

Chocolate Coated Deep Fried Twinkies

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By Susan Bartley
If you're a chocolate lover try dipping frozen Twinkies in chocolate candy coating and let ...

"slap Your Husband"boneless Shanghai Wings

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By Melanie Ross
Crispy breaded chicken breast topped with sweet and spicy ginger-citrus sauce. Served with spicy-cool wasabi-ranch ...
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Tempura Batter & Dipping Sauce

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By S M
Dedicated to member Areatha who requested a tempura recipe. : ) This batter is terrific for ...

County Fair Bagel Bites

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By Andrea Blanke
I had these at our county fair. they were so chewy and delish I copied ...
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Squash Croquetts

Squash Croquettes

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By Melissa Gonzalez
This is from my Mom. Its great comfort food. The Squash and onion mixture can ...
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Man Catching Fried Chicken

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By Leah Stacey
This chicken promises to "catch a man". If he doesn't take the bait then he ...
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