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Blue Ribbon #balls Recipes

A platter of Orange Blossom Balls.

Orange Blossom Balls

Mary Ann Thompson avatar
By Mary Ann Thompson
My mother always made these at Christmas when I was a kid. She also made ...
(24 ratings)
A slice of Savory Spinach Carrot Mushroom Kugel on a plate.

Savory Spinach Carrot Mushroom Kugel

Helaine Norman avatar
By Helaine Norman
This is my version of a savory kugel side dish I tweaked over the years. ...
(2 ratings)
A platter of Coconut Cocoa Balls.

Coconut Cocoa Balls

Lene Frost avatar
By Lene Frost
I have limited myself to making these around Christmas only because they are loaded with ...
(9 ratings)
Three Texas Tamale Balls on a plate.

Texas Tamale Balls

Mary Lou Ivy avatar
By Mary Lou Ivy
This is one of my husband's favorite appetizers. You can adjust the spices to suit ...
(3 ratings)
A platter of Crab Balls.

Crab Balls

Melissa Turner avatar
By Melissa Turner
These baked crab balls are fun and super easy to make. This recipe could be ...
(5 ratings)
A bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Jennifer Segreti avatar
By Jennifer Segreti
These balls are meant to be eaten as is, from the freezer! Of course, this ...
(26 ratings)
A plate of Christmas Cherry Balls.

Christmas Cherry Balls

Val Paris avatar
By Val Paris
Another traditional Christmas cookie recipe. They're good for any time of year, but they are ...
(2 ratings)
Aunt Mildred's Whiskey Balls on a plate.

Aunt Mildred's Whiskey Balls

Donna Morales avatar
By Donna Morales
I remember as a child sneaking these at family Christmas gatherings because they were supposed ...
(3 ratings)
Savory stuffing balls on a white plate.

Savory Stuffing Balls

Martha Price avatar
By Martha Price
I like stuffing, but it is not something I would ordinarily make except at holiday ...
(4 ratings)
Christmas peanut butter coconut cherry balls on a white plate.

Christmas Peanut Butter Coconut Cherry Balls

Lynelle Caldwell avatar
By Lynelle Caldwell
My mother made these every year for Christmas. She would make them and freeze ...
(2 ratings)

Eat Your Heart Out Popeye Spinach Balls

Roz Wenrich avatar
By Roz Wenrich
These are always a great hit at parties and a wonderful way to get people ...
(1 rating)

Crawfish Balls

Dina Breaux avatar
By Dina Breaux
The balls are very rich and filling, but delicious. I also serve it with a ...
(1 rating)
I like mine rolled in confectioners sugar but they can be rooled in pecans or chocolate crumbs; whichever you prefer. Keep in air tight container in refrigerator.

Bourbon Balls

Opal Jackson-Cakmak avatar
By Opal Jackson-Cakmak
This easy recipe is a Southern favorite, made with bourbon, vanilla wafer crumbs, and cocoa, ...
(23 ratings)
Finished peanut butter balls with a bite taken out

Peanut Butter Balls

Lisa Allen avatar
By Lisa Allen
We have made these yummy peanut butter balls every Christmas for 24 years. I always ...
(59 ratings)