Swedish Recipes

Snickerdoodles Recipe


By Joyce Newman
Snickerdoodles are my daughter's favorite cookies and one of mine as well. These light and buttery...
Slow Cooker Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Slow Cooker Swedish Meatballs

By Tammy Raynes
Prepared meatballs is what makes this recipe quick and easy. Serve this delicious meal with hot...
Green Potatoes (shirley Nicholson, '43 Club) Recipe

Green Potatoes (Shirley Nicholson, '43 Club)

By Susan Feliciano
This recipe has quite a history behind it. First, it came from a community cookbook called "Cooking...
Grandma Lil's Rice Pudding Recipe

Grandma Lil's Rice Pudding

By Sue Kraatz
This was my Grandma Lil's recipe from Sweden, it is more custard the the normal rice...
Mor-mor Wallberg's Fruktsoppa (swedish Fruit Soup) Recipe

Mor-Mor Wallberg's Fruktsoppa (Swedish Fruit Soup)

By Chandra Curtis
I'm of mixed European heritages. My two grandmothers were Swedish and Italian/French so my cooking influences...
Swedish Sugar Cookies Recipe

Swedish Sugar Cookies

By Linda Hoover
My favorite cookie of all time! Not too sweet, no frosting. Its an old-fashioned...