Smoothie Recipes

Find your perfect blend with these smoothie recipes shared by home cooks from across the country. Feeling fruity? Green and healthy? Frothy and full of guilt? Oh yeah, they're all here.


15 Calorie Frappuccino...really! Recipe

15 Calorie Frappuccino...Really!

By Paula Reynolds
I've been experimenting with various combinations to create a low calorie, home made frappuccino and I...
Accent Recipe


By Bobbi Gulla
I use this on everything!!! I mean evrything, meat, chick, fish, vegetables, fruits. My Grandmon used...
Almond Milk-homemade Recipe

Almond Milk-homemade

By Pat Duran
This is great money saving recipe. If you like drinking and using Almond Milk in...
Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe

Apple Pie Smoothie

By Jo Zimny
I love smoothies and the combination of cashews and apples is really nice together. This is...
Apricot Frothy Recipe

Apricot "Frothy"

By Christine Whisenhunt
Another recipe I came across while looking for some interesting drinks to make. I can't...
Avocado Ice Cream Smoothie Recipe

Avocado Ice Cream Smoothie

By Eileen Hineline
Another FaceBook recipe. Picture/recipe from Web site Clean Eating. This looks so good and something I wouldnt of...
Avocado Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Avocado Strawberry Smoothie

By Melissa Baldan
Don't let the name (or ingredients) throw you or keep you from trying this. This is...
Banana And Mango Smalt Recipe

Banana and Mango "Smalt"

By Barbara Oseland
I call these my "Smalts" because they are not quite a malt. They do have fruit,...
Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe

Banana Berry Smoothie

By rachel ross
This tastes EXACTLY like a smoothie from Jamba Juice. Very easy to make and a little indulgent...
Banana Caramel Iced Coffee Shake Recipe

Banana Caramel Iced Coffee Shake

By Marion Wilting
Inspired by banana caramel iced coffee recipes which use vanilla ice cream. I didn't want to...
Banana Cream Pie Milk Shake Recipe

Banana Cream Pie Milk Shake

By Pat Duran
This a rich and cream shake and make enough for two shakes. Nice and frosty with...
Banana Ginger Smoothie Recipe

Banana Ginger Smoothie

By kim *
My favorite winter smoothie! Simple healthy recipe from "Meals That Heal". I make this quite often...
Banana Guava Smoothie Recipe

Banana Guava Smoothie

By Mikekey *
From "Many Tastes Of The Bahamas", by Lady Darling, wife of former Governor General Sir Clifford...
Banana Kiwi Shake Recipe

Banana Kiwi Shake

By Janet Hein
Kiwi and banana go together so well. This is pretty versatile, the banana can be adjusted...