Ice Cream Drink Recipes American



By Eddie Jordan
Having a halloween party! Try serving this Pumpkinshake. Delicous
Golden Oreo Milk Shake


Actually, I am the only 1 who would drink this. To me, it is very easy...
Black Bottom Special


By Eddie Jordan
Might as well get ready for that long hot summer. This is a really good treat...
Raspberry Lime Ricky Ice Cream Float


By Eddie Jordan
When I was a kid I remember going to the soda shop and having one of...
Coffee Protein Breakfast Drink

Coffee Protein Breakfast Drink

By Donna Thiemann
This was adapted from the coffee mate web site. I often fix my crumb cake for...
Purple Cows

Purple Cows

By Eve Peterson
A great shake!
Shamrock Shake

Shamrock Shake

By Kim Biegacki
When St. Pat's Day rolls around one thing I always try and get is a McDonald's...
Brandy Slush

Brandy Slush

By Deb Crane
Nothing beats cooling off with a Brandy Slush! Cool and refreshing! Tropical slushy delight! Umbrellas and garnishes...
Coffee Shake With Whipped Cream And Shaved Chocolate Garnish.


By Eddie Jordan
This coffee shake is a real treat on a hot day or anytime. Instead of using...
Apple Cider Floats

Apple Cider Floats

By Wendy Schwab
Just got this recipe in an email from EveryDay with Rachael Ray. Perfect with fall just around...
I Love Root Beer!!!


By Eddie Jordan
Home made ice cream and home maid root beer makes the perfect way to cool down....
Peg's Pina Colada Punch

Peg's Pina Colada Punch

By Kay Skipper
The early 90's, I had this delicious punch at a baby shower hosted by Peg and...
Mocha Shake

Mocha Shake

By Zelda Hopkins
Now when I'm really feeling devilish I make this instead. The chocolate is to die for...
Adding The Melted Vanilla Ice Cream~

Hot Buttered Christmas Batter

By Mrs. Michael J. Lively
This is another recipe from the best man at our wedding, O, so long ago. Dear...
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Root Beer Float

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Root Beer Float

By Zelda Hopkins
Lets have something good to drink.It is super delicious. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dirty Banana Cocktail

Dirty Banana Cocktail

By Lynda Hayes
Back in the 70's everyone played cards on Saturday night I was growing up and there...
Coffee Frappes - Made In Massachusetts!

Coffee Frappes - made in Massachusetts!

By Beth M.
When I was young my brother and I went to summer camp, and my mom was...
Sickie Smoothie

Sickie Smoothie

By Stephanie Corbitt
Disclaimer: Use Nyquil ONLY as directed on the bottle. This Cold/Flu Remedy Makeover is for sick...
I Got This Recipe From A Movie Celebration Website... This Is One Of My Favorite Drinks.

Pumpkin Bourbon Shake

By Christina Macario
Tried it and fell in love with it. Definitely a Pumpkin Lovers Fav!!!
Ice Coffee


By Eddie Jordan
This iced coffee hit's the spot and has so much flavor. Try this and see how...

Baby Shower Punch

By Katie Smith
This is our family punch recipe we love it!!
Peppermint Raspberry Ice


By Eddie Jordan
Cool and refreshing on a hot day or just whenever.
Summer  & Citrus Fruit Punch


By Eddie Jordan
This punch recipe is great to have at a card game on a hot afternoon.
Boston Cooler The Real Thing

Boston Cooler the real thing

By Pat Duran
If you are lucky enough to get Vernor's gingerale in your area (a Detroit product). then...

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