A Quick History of Pie

In America, pie is synonymous with all other patriotic symbols like the flag, the bald eagle, and the Star-Spangled Banner. When you think pie, you probably first think of your favorite flavor or the secret family recipe. The truth is, the history of pie spans many centuries in many different countries.

According to the piecouncil.org, pies have been around since the ancient Egyptians although it’s thought the first pie crusts were not used for eating but instead holding the ingredients. It’s most likely that the Romans were responsible for spreading the popularity of pies throughout Europe as early as the 14th century.

The first known published Roman pie recipe was for rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie (quite the unusual combination). It was considered a sweet pie at that time, but much sweeter ones would arrive on the scene much later.

Typically, pies were filled with meat fillings and the crust, known as the “coffyn,” was often not edible. The first pies were not round, but instead, they were rectangular with straight sides instead of the slanted round ones we are accustomed to today.

Pies baked without the crust on the top were known as traps. These pies were typically baked without the use of a pan. The crust or “coffyn” was so rigid and hard it served as a baking dish instead, which is why it was inedible. Traps were eaten like casserole dishes.

Today, meat pies have lost their popularity in favor of fruit pies or “tarts.” Queen Elizabeth I is known for being served the very first cherry pie.

Pioneers brought various types of pie recipes from Europe with them. All types of pies were popular but eventually, Americans began to prefer sweeter fruit pies.

Early colonists began to bake pies with berries and fruits that were readily available. They also began baking pies shallower and in a round shape (the common shape we know today) in order to stretch their ingredients. Today, apple pie has become the ultimate American dessert (even though it didn’t originate in America).

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, these Blue Ribbon pie recipes are worth slicing into.

Crack Pie

Cherry Cream Pie

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Simple Turkey Pot Pie

Chocolate Bourbon Pie

Mama's Chicken Pie


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