10 Tasty Fried Fish Recipes

For the tenth meal of Christmas, my true love made for me…

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Beer Batter for Fish

Beer Batter for Fish Who doesn’t love fish and chips?! This beer batter recipe is crazy good and SUPER easy to make for the holidays! Family tested and approved, we can promise everyone who likes fish will love this recipe. YUM! Wow everyone with this recipe - get the 2 steps you need to make it!
Southern Style Golden Fr
Southern Style Golden Fried Fish For those that love Calabash-style seafood, then this fried fish is for you! With just 3 easy steps, you can have tasty southern-style fried fish for dinner without much effort! Delicious and easy to prepare, you’ll find yourself making this family tested and approved recipe over and over again! Get the recipe for this southern-style golden fried fish here!
Parmesan-Red Pepper Fish
Parmesan-Red Pepper Fish Spicy, crispy and flaky fried fish, this family tested and approved recipe will be a hit at your dinner table! Seasoned with panko bread crumbs, red pepper, parmesan cheese and other delicious flavors to create a truly addictive fried fish. Pro tip:This blue ribbon recipe works best with mahi mahi, tilapia, perch or cod! Get the recipe for the perfect family dinner meal here!
Fried Catfish with Homem
Fried Catfish with Homemade Nuggets Kids of all ages will be hooked by the taste of these homemade catfish nuggets! Needing only 4 steps to make these tasty bites, they’re sure to be a hit. Serve with the dip of your choice for a family tested and approved holiday lunch! Check out the directions to make these fried catfish nuggets - we promise it’s a keeper!
Lemon Pepper Panko Crust
Lemon Pepper Panko Crusted Fish We’re big panko crumb fans, but lemon pepper panko crumbs? YES PLEASE! Family tested and approved, the flavors in this recipe are addictive. Plus, with only 5 easy steps to make this blue ribbon awarded recipe, it will become one of your favorites for sure! Learn all the ingredients you need to make these lemon pepper panko crusted fish right at home!
Fried Tilapia

Family te
Fried Tilapia Family tested and approved, this fried fish recipe is a must-try! Perfect for fish tacos or sandwiches, you can’t get tastier than this! Oh, and just 4 super easy steps to make? Homemade fish tacos here we come! Find out the 4 steps you need to make fried tilapia here!
Fried Fish

Looking for
Fried Fish Looking for a tasty, simple and easy recipe for fried fish? Then here’s your answer. This family tested and approved fried fish recipe will become a favorite! Plus, this is a traditional recipe all home cooks can make! Learn the 3 easy steps you need to make homemade fried fish!
Fish Fillets with Brown
Fish Fillets with Brown Butter (Pan Fried) Quick, simple and delicious, a blue ribbon winner that is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy! The brown butter sauce over the fish is absolutely delicious, making this recipe 100% family tested and approved. Get the step-by-step directions you need to make this tasty fish fillet recipe!
Dad's Fried Fish

Dad's Fried Fish Family tested and approved, this fried fish recipe has a surprise ingredient that makes your mouth water! Wonderful, quick and easy, this simple homestyle recipe gives you great flavor without the fuss. Can you guess what the twist to this fried fish recipe is? Find out here!
Bacalao Balls

These lil
Bacalao Balls These lil’ bites are very addictive! You won’t be able to stop at just 1 or 2, and tis the season for that! Family tested and approved, we highly recommend you make extra because these will go fast. Plus, only 5 steps to make them, these bacalao balls are crazy easy and 100% worth the effort! Find out the delicious ingredients needed to make homemade bacalao balls for your holiday party!