9 Foolproof Recipes to Cook Prime Rib

For the ninth meal of Christmas, my true love made for me…

nine prime ribs priming, eight hams a glazing, seven buns a baking, six crockpots a simmering, five pecan pies, four eggnog bowls, three cornish hens, two turtle cakes and an apple in a pear pie! ♫

No-Fear Prime Rib

Do no
No-Fear Prime Rib Do not fear the prime rib! This delicious smoky recipe makes it possible for home cooks like you to make prime rib perfectly! An ideal holiday pick, only 4 simple steps to make this prime rib. You can do it! See the recipe for no-fear prime rib!
Prime Rib Roast au Just
Prime Rib Roast au Just Perfect Every Time! No Fail! This will become your go-to perfect prime rib recipe! No matter the size, just follow the same EASY steps for absolutely delicious results. If you’re looking a great rib roast for Christmas then look no further. This one is for you! Family tested and approved, check out this life-changing prime rib recipe for dinner!
Rosemary & Bacon Salt En
Rosemary & Bacon Salt Encrusted Prime Rib Roast Bacon + rosemary prime rib? SIGN US UP! We love us some bacon, and this recipe uses it oh so well! Family tested and approved, you can guarantee this recipe will be a crowd-pleaser. It will be a wonderful Christmas dinner! Wondering how to make this delicious prime rib recipe? Check it out here!
Roasted Prime Rib

Roasted Prime Rib Cooked to perfection, this prime rib is great for Christmas dinner! Family tested and approved, your family and friends are sure to love this prime rib recipe. Seasoned with delicious blackened spices, you can roast homemade prime rib in just 4 steps! Get the steps necessary to cook this delicious prime rib now!
Roast Prime Rib

Roast Prime Rib Family tested and approved, this prime rib will have your guests drooling from the wonderful smell. A wonderful addition to your Christmas dinner table, simply follow the directions to cook this delicious homemade prime rib. Get this delicious recipe here! You know you want it!
Prime+ Ribeye, Bone-In
Prime+ Ribeye, Bone-In Extremely tender, this prime+ ribeye is worth the money! Absolutely delicious, this recipe uses chipotle chili powder, brown sugar, paprika and more to give you mouth-watering flavors in every bite. Family tested and approved, you can count on this homemade prime rib for a terrific holiday dinner. Learn the steps you need to make this amazing prime rib for Christmas!
Perfect Prime Rib Every
Perfect Prime Rib Every Time (The Best Ever) A wonderful way to cook beef - this prime rib really does come out perfect every time! Don’t be afraid to try this recipe, we promise everyone will love this prime rib recipe (it’s family tested and approved). With just 5 super easy steps, this prime rib will be perfect for Christmas dinner! Learn how to cook the perfect prime rib every time!
Do U Want Some of Me Sam
Do U Want Some of Me Sammie! Have some leftover prime rib? Then you HAVE to make this sandwich! Family tested and approved, this sandwich goes above and beyond any other you’ll ever have. Super comfort food! Learn the steps to make this delicious sandwich here!
Dan's Outdoor Grilled Pr
Dan's Outdoor Grilled Prime Rib Roast If you want your prime rib to be flavorful, moist, tender and juicy then you need to know this recipe! Family tested and approved, this is a crowd pleaser for sure. From Christmas to Father’s Day, you can count on this prime rib recipe to be a favorite! Home cooks you can make this recipe! Don’t fear making prime rib, see the recipe here!