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Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipe

Homemade Coffee Creamer

By Melanie Brady

I always look for healthier substitutes for coffee flavors and creamers. Now I can make the...

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The Perfect Bloody Mary (Kat's) Recipe

The Perfect Bloody Mary (Kat's)

By Kathy Griffin

I finally made Joe the perfect Bloody Mary he says, this time I measured everything. ***SPICY***

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Skinny Mocha Coffee Frappe Recipe

Skinny Mocha Coffee Frappe

By Jana Jones

I LOVE those pricey frozen coffee drinks but there's not one anywhere along my morning commute....

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Aloha Sunset Recipe

Aloha Sunset

By Norene G.

The teaspoon of maraschino juice or grenadine in the glass, gives you just the right color...

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