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A bowl of Split Pea Soup.

Split Pea Soup

Sheila Devor avatar
By Sheila Devor
Grandma Joy's recipe for goodness. Absolutely delicious!
(6 ratings)

Banana Split Twinkie-like Cakes

Karen Vandevander avatar
By Karen Vandevander
Missing Twinkies? These are very good, and very rich, doing it my way, but ...
(1 rating)

Banana Split Cake

Kearney O’Keefe avatar
By Kearney O’Keefe
This yummy cake never lasts very long
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With toasted, buttery and garlic laced croutons, this is a true, cold weather favorite!

Something More Ez Split Peaz

Suzan Wilson avatar
By Suzan Wilson
I love split pea soup. Talk about a soup that's good with anything and ...
(1 rating)

"split Pea Soup" An Old "mormon Trail Recipe"

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
I purchased this recipe in NAVOO,ILL. In the late 70's. I was told Brigram Young was ...
(3 ratings)
Banana Split good it's hard not to lick the plate.

Banana Split Pie

Audrey Musick avatar
By Audrey Musick
This is a quick and easy pie for picnics or family gatherings. It's one of ...
(1 rating)
thick, hearty soup...

Working/busy Mom's Best Ever Split Pea & Ham Soup

Didi Dalaba avatar
By Didi Dalaba
My crockpot is my BFF, no, I'm not joking... I LOVE my crockpot!! We ...
(2 ratings)

Simple Split Pea Soup For The Crock Pot

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By Elizabeth Chuan-Riley
This easy and flavorful split pea soup has been a favorite for years with my ...
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Banana Split English Muffins

SK H avatar
I tried this on my grandson who is 4 and after he took the first ...
(1 rating)
Super on a hot summer day!

Banana Split Ice-cream Cake

Cindy Ferguson avatar
By Cindy Ferguson
Wow! This is delicious! The frozen bananas seem to have a concentrated flavor, ...
(2 ratings)