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A platter of Oven-Roasted Asparagus.

Oven-roasted Asparagus

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By Lisa Foote
Roasting vegetables brings out great flavor, without adding calories. This is a simple process that ...
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this is the nut mixture right out of the refrigerator it will loosen up after a while as you can see it had only been out for one minute and the small end is already getting soft

Nut Butters

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By JM Avallone
I went to the store to buy some almond butter and was shocked at the ...
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I love the holidays, and nothing brings that spirt into your home like friends, family, and a wonderful roasted turkey.

Holiday Roast Turkey

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By Andy Anderson !
This roast turkey is the recipe that I've used in over 25 Thanksgivings, and I ...
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Banana Squash Soup

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By Emily Hetnar
Every Winter I love to look around and try to find a good recipe for ...
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Fire Roasted Chilis/peppers

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By Millie Johnson
I like to fire roast my green chilis that I then use for stuffing or ...
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I had already carved the roast and then took the picture, but ummmm it tasted great with the potatoes and steamed veggies

French Onion Pork Roast

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By Patti Jagodzinski
I was thinking...hummmm. If I can do a beef roast with French Onion Soup, ...
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This was a chicken, but I used this rub and baked at 325°

Herb And Spice Rubbed Turkey

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By Lynn Socko
This is my favorite way to do a turkey, easy and yummmy.
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Duck, Duck, Goose! Roast It!

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By Sherry Peyton
Ducks and Geese require special rules, but they aren't hard and the results are delectable. ...
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Brining That Bird!

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By Sherry Peyton
Yes, it's extra work. But the results are so spectacular that you will never go ...
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Wacka-mole Taters

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By Sherry Peyton
Easy and tasty addition to the ever seeking "new way to fix taters." Take out ...
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I had a large cut up chicken to cook and did not want to fry it or bake it or broil it in a

Herb Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

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By Katrina Freed
My take on a recipe I found online to use the ingredients in my pantry. ...
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